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Braces 101

You've never had braces before? You don't know what to expect? We recorded the whole process from beginning to end for you! Things we learned: -It was faster than we expected, in and out in less than an hour. -No pain! Breckyn was nervous that it would hurt a little but it didn't at all. -We were surprised how fast they worked. We are approaching the year mark and her teeth look amazing, but we saw results within the first 6 weeks! -Affordable! Dr Cameron has a payment plan for any budget. -Start them young. We didn't realize that the

5 Reasons to See Your Orthodontist Before 5th Grade

My 9 year old just got braces! I didn't think kids needed braces until Jr. High or High School. But as it turns out, sometimes, like in our case, they need them sooner. We learned so much as we dove into the world of braces for the first time and wanted to share. We have partnered with Cameron Orthodontics to bring you : 5 Reasons to See Your Orthodontist Before 5th Grade #1 Your orthodontist can usually tell by age 7 if/when your child may need braces. #2 The key to success is getting in early. In our case, my
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