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8 FREE things to add to your San Diego Bucketlist

We LOVED exploring San Diego and are so excited to share 8 of our favorite FREE things to add to your San Diego Bucket list! #1 Old Town 2415 San Diego Avenue Suite 104 San Diego CA 92110 (Phone) 619.291.4903 This was our first stop and it gave the kids a good idea about what early California was like. So much charm, so much culture. We loved exploring the town and we were there early so we got a good parking spot and explored the old buildings without crowds. Next up was the Mormon Battalion Museum across the street. Then

6 Tips for Legoland on a Budget | Road Trippin'

My husband had just decided to go back to school and we wanted to take a quick vacay before he hit the books and we never saw him again. We also wanted to avoid student loans and debt so that meant we had to stick to a budget for this trip. Besides, I'm a firm believer in paying cash for vacays. You never want to pay for a vacation AFTER you take it. And even worse, pay extra for it with all of that interest! Here are 6 Tips for saving money on your trip! Tip #1 Pack Food Legoland
Scanvenger Hunt Road Trip harm Tue, 02/23/2016 - 15:45
Our kids talked non stop about going to the Ocean so we thought it would be fun to surprise them! We planned a weekend getaway to the coast and didn't tell them until we were ready to leave. Here's how we did it: Friday: I sent the kids to their weekly visit to grandmas house while I packed the car and wrote some little poems for our Scavenger Hunt Road Trip! They returned right as Dad got home from work. We sat them down and handed them a wax sealed letter that said "Open Immediately"! Letter 1: Surprise Surprise! We're
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