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Kim's Taste of Cache Valley

A few weeks ago I was in Logan with my friend Melinda and we completed what my cousin Kim calls the "Taste of Cache Valley!" The Taste of Cache Valley consists of visiting local Utah outlets that produce goods and foods that are made in Cache Valley, but for a BARGAIN! The Salt Project loves good bargains! Most of these outlet stores sell what are called "seconds." Seconds are just that. They are imperfect products that are still good, but maybe missing a top of the ice cream sandwich or have some slight blemish. I'm not above scavenging for a
Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center harm Tue, 04/03/2018 - 21:34
Hey all! Spring is just around the corner and with the spring weather, my kids and I are eager to spend more time outdoors adventuring. If you've never visited the American West Heritage Center* (AWHC) in Wellsville, UT (just south of Logan), spring is the perfect time to visit, because of Baby Animal Days! I took my kids last year, and they loved it! This annual 4-day event features all sorts of baby animals - lambs, piglets, calves, kids, foals, chicks, ducklings, and even baby bears! Most of the animals can be touched (except for the bears), which is so

Poppies and Fireflies in Utah? Oh my!

Guess how we found out about these poppy fields? From you. Angie sent us an e-mail with directions and photos (above.) So of COURSE we had to run up to Mantua to check it out! We love hearing from fellow Utahns. Keep using the hashtag #thesaltproject. Or e-mail! Mantua Poppy Fields I can't tell you how many times we've driven past Mantua and never ever stopped there. We've always coveted the area, but never actually stopped. We know the poppies don't last forever, but it looks like there were a bunch more getting ready to bloom. I think it would

Herm's Inn | Grubbin'

We took a little road trip to Logan the other weekend. We visited the North Logan Pumpkin Patch and went mountain biking up the canyon but what we can’t stop thinking about is our breakfast at Herm’s Inn. Herm’s Inn sits just outside the mouth of Logan Canyon. It was originally built in the 1900’s by Herman “Herm” Johnson and was called Herman’s Inn. At the time, it was one’s first chance for fuel outside the canyon. In 2012, the building was restored, is now called Herm’s Inn and is one of the best places to eat in Logan. All

Baggin' It | Salt Hollow Park | Hyrum City

Alright, as this is my third time writing this post (somehow I managed to download some kind of bug with a font) I feel that this post will be EPIC. So without further adieu! Sometimes, ya just gotta get up and GO. Right?! 9am Lady Soul texted me and 10am we were on our way to Hardware Ranch in Northern Utah. Now, when I was that, let’s just assume that my children (and I for that matter.) were bathed, fed and had a proper lunch packed for them. Let’s just assume. Also, it may have been more like 10:15, 10:30

Feature Friday | Kaylie Marie

So I have a lot of Utah friends/readers asking me why we chose to live in Logan, Utah. The obvious (and true) answer is that we moved up here so Preston could go to Utah State University (go Aggies!) to study Aerospace Engineering, but it didn't take me long to realize I could spend my entire life in this little city and be completely happy. This is about when I start getting the weird looks. "But it's so.....small...." "They don't even have a Target!" << This actually does make me deeply sad. "What do you do for fun?" YOU GUYS
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