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Inspiration Point | 12 Utah Staycations

Inspiration Point is a 13.2 mile dirt road that starts in Mantua and leads you all the way up to the peak of the mountains! While it's a fairly easy drive for any 4x4 vehicle, we would not recommend it for any other type of vehicle. It's SUPER fun, but can get tricky with all the bumps and rocks. We've tried driving up to Inspiration Point a few times in the past but we were blocked by snow. This time, the gates were open and we didn't see ANY snow. (September 8) It's a long drive, it took us a

Maddox Ranch House | 12 Utah Staycations

How many times have you driven by Box Elder County's iconic Maddox Ranch House? Too many?! Have you ever stopped?! Because if you haven't, you haven't lived! Maddox Ranch House is right at the mouth of Sardine Canyon and is one of the most family-friendly places around! Maddox is known for a few things; raspberry butter, their rolls, Fried Chicken and the smells! Rumor has it that Maddox piped the smells from the bakery into the foyer area! If so, we are NOT complaining. We forgot how delicious their rolls are! It's been a while since any of us had
Utah's Famous Fruit Highway | 12 Utah Staycations harm Tue, 09/10/2019 - 21:00
One of my favorite things to do in the fall is driving Utah's Famous Fruit Highway! Along old highway 89, from July until October, you can find all the fruit stands from Perry to Brigham City. We saw Cherry Concentrate, Watermelons, squash, onions and all sorts of stands. We chose to stop at Tagge's Famous Fruit Farm Stand. Tagge's Famous Fruit & Veggie Farms We made a spot to try ALL the peaches at Tagge's Famous Fruit Farm in Perry Utah. Peaches are in season and the kids LOVED trying all the varieties of peaches! We determined that the Red
Crystal Hot Springs | 12 Utah Staycations harm Tue, 09/10/2019 - 20:36
We closed out our Brigham City Staycation with a good old trip to Crystal Hot Springs in Honeyville Utah! We've been coming to Crystal Hot Springs for years now and we LOVE it! Crystal Hot Springs has recently made some changes to their resort too! There's a whole new cave area with a shallow pool. Our kids spend the majority of the time here. Don't forget about the giant tube slides! Our kids LOVE the slides! The slides are open all year round and even in the winter it's super fun. Be sure to bring some water as the Hot

Downtown Brigham City | 12 Utah Staycations

Just a few more things we did while walking Main Street in Brigham City. We walked by the temple and tabernacle! See the old theater? How cool is this! The original ticket booth! The City office building is amazing! We stole this moment in the street to get a family photo! Brigham City has an epic sign welcoming you into town! What are some of your favorite things to do in Brigham City? Check out more of ours here!

Brigham City Staycation Giveaway | 12 Utah Staycations

We JUST finished our 9th Staycation to Brigham City in Box Elder County in Utah!! We are SO excited to partner up with Box Elder County to giveaway an ENTIRE Staycation to one of you! We'll be writing all about our experience throughout the week but you can enter the Staycation NOW! Be sure to check back every day, because you can always enter again! Enter Below!
Old Indian Hot Springs in Corrine harm Mon, 10/29/2018 - 19:52
During our Questival Race to the Spiral Jetty on our quest to find the Pink Salt Lake, we just happened to pass this steaming graffiti wood wall on the side of the road in the middle of know where. I had heard rumors that there were hot springs out this way so we decided to stop and see if this was it. Sure enough, we found them. They are a bit dodgy, so much so that I wasn't willing to jump in, and I'm usually down for anything crazy like that. There were a couple of people there soaking after

Where to find the Pink Water at The Great Salt Lake

You are going to die when you see the Pink Water at the Great Salt Lake. Guess where you can find pink water? At the Spiral Jetty! Lisel is here sharing her recent trip, like this week recent! If you head out that way, be sure to read up on our itinerary on and don't forget to stop at Golden Spike National Monument on the way! I grew up in Utah and have been wanting to visit the Spiral Jetty for a while now. The motivation came when I realized that the Great Salt Lake is PINK at this

Brigham City Train Depot

If you love trains, you want to make this quick stop at the Depot! We randomly saw them on our way from our Storm Bowling tour. We tried calling, but no one answered. (Come to find out, the phones don’t work well.) We just happened to stop and find out they were open. There was a sweet couple there who volunteer. They gave us the grand tour and even took us into the actual train outside. It was crazy to see the living space of the brakeman. After the tour, they gave each of the kids a bag filled with

Brigham City Day Guide

Brigham City Roundup is finally here! You might have seen our adventures on Instagram and Facebook, but we thought to put it all into one post for you here. Here's the Instagram/Facebook video we made of the day. And here's what we did that day! Storm Bowling 165 S 800 W Visit Apple Creek Bulk Food Co. 875 N. Main St, Willard We grabbed some sandwiches and treats! Watch the video for more details. It's a fun stop along the way. Think Lucky Charms cereal without the cereal and just the marshmallows. Mantua Poppy Fields (Hurry!) I don't think these
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