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Park Passport | Feature Friday | Kate | Bountiful City Park

Hi! I'm Kate from Small House, Happy Family, where I write about raising a family of four daughters in our happy little home--plus all the shenanigans we get into along the way! I love taking my kids on outings and creating special memories as a family. (I also love Chick Fil A and watching the most ridiculous Syfy original movies I can find.) This summer, I want my family to break out of our neighborhood park rut and start exploring all the fun parks and splash pads our area has to offer. Enter the park passport! I created these simple

Twirl is turning one!

Our favorite little dress shop in Bountiful is having a birthday party tomorrow! Be sure to check them out! Aiko loved meeting Ashlie (the owner) and playing while mama tried on dress after dress. Luckily, Ashlie and Aiko played with toys and dressed up. I was actually able to try on a bunch of dresses and have fun. Honestly, shopping with Aiko is kind of tough, let alone dress shopping! Pretty sure the reason I walked out of there with a few dresses was because I didn't have to worry about Aiko running around. While they don't have kids dresses

Holbrook Canyon Trail | Bountiful | Hiking

First of all, let us introduce you to the newest member! GoPro hero3! You'll probably notice the pictures are a bit wider and different looking. Our first hike with the whole gang! With 11 kids ages 9 months to 10 years, it actually and surprisingly went really well. We heard that the hike was only 2 miles, then we heard 7 miles, then I just read on the Davis County Map that it's 3.3 miles roundtrip. The map also claimed to have a water fall and pool at the end. We're not sure how far we went, as we didn't'

Magic on the Sidewalk | Bountiful Chalk Festival | Bountiful | Field Trippin'

We used to live in Bountiful and discovered the city's Chalk Art Festival that they host every Spring. The kids have really grown to love it, so we made our annual pilgrimage back 'home' to check out all of this year's entries. It is amazing and so inspiring to see these artists create absolute masterpieces on a rough, imperfect sidewalk square. Having 4 kids at home, I have definitely done my fair share of chalk art on the driveway and let's just say my drawings look nothing like what these guys were able to create. They were using a nice
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