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Coral Pink Sand Dunes | Kanab | 12 Utah Staycations

Many years ago, we had a guest post on The Salt Project about Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. Ever since 2014, I have been DYING to visit! I can't believe it took me 5 years to get here! Thanks to our partner Kane County, I could finally check it off my list! The ironic thing is because it's February...there was SNOW all over the lovely dunes. Only a hint of Coral Pink could be seen. It's okay though, nothing could keep me from getting on those dunes. Two of the four kids were asleep so we decided to split

Hiking to Jenny's Canyon | Snow Canyon State Park

We’ve been to Snow Canyon a few times, but I wanted to really spend some quality time there. Luckily, Snow Canyon wasn't too far from our hotel, My Place Hotels. I asked the ranger what hikes she would suggest to hike with ages 2 and above. We’ve hiked a few of them before, so I’ll link them up. The Ranger suggested the following hikes for kids 2 and above in Snow Canyon State Park. All the hikes below are round-trip. Whiterocks Amphitheater 4 Miles Butterfly 2 Miles Upper Galoot Picnic Area (for climbing rocks) Pioneer Names .5 Mile Sand Dunes

Gooseneck State Park | Monticello Staycation

After driving through Valley of the Gods and Moki Dugway, we headed down to Gooseneck State Park. I'm a little sad that we literally spent maybe 20 minutes here at Gooseneck State Park. We were on a tight schedule see, we needed to be down at Monument Valley for sunset and we were pushing it! We had just enough time to do a short hike down to the rim. It was slightly treacherous but the kids loved every moment of it. We just had to hang on to them for dear life as there were cliffs in almost every direction

Antelope Island | The Great Salt Lake

Alright, so remember how I told October what a glorious month it had been? Well, sheesh, November is rocking it too! (Well, it was, until this Polar Vortex set in.) Usually, when we've been out to Antelope Island it's so BLASTED hot, you think you want to go and dip yourself into The Great Salt Lake. So, you begin your mile long walk out there (The Great Salt Lake has been super low for years.) and wade through the sea of bugs, which, may be another mile or so still from salty water. If you actually make it past all
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