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Coupon | Kangaroo Zoo | Field Trippin'

We’ve been loving all this warm summer weather! I mean, we went to a playdate at the park in February! It was amazing and beautiful and just what we all needed. But Utah can be cruel like that. It can give us nice sunny skies and beautiful days earlier than we expected but then, just a couple weeks later, the forecast predicts rain all week. That rain always gets us down just as we were getting our hopes up that we’d be able to spend our days outside! When those rainy days come, we always take a trip to one

Sunshine | Wheeler Historic Farm | Field Trippin'

No this isn't a cruel joke. We're just trying to get you excited for Spring. It's just around the corner and we know you are planning for Spring Break! In the next couple weeks we'll be posting all about different places in Utah that would be the perfect Spring Break destinations. Since we somehow forgot to post about this visit last year, we decided to spruce up the website with some happy spring photos. Wheeler Historic Farm is a Free place. Many of us at The Salt Project had never even heard of it. Here, you can learn all about

10 MORE Salt Lake City Wall Murals

Yesterday, I found myself in Salt Lake City with two babies and I wasn't quite sure what to do. It wasn't really a planned adventure, so I didn't quite have my bearings. Plus, I knew naptime was approaching and had limited time. So I quickly ran through a list of places...but realized I didn't really want to spend money. I also thought about Gilgal Gardens, but little man was already asleep before I could finish the thought. One of our most popular Salt Lake City posts is 3 Amazing Murals in Salt Lake City. So why not add some more

Utah Children's Theatre | Magic Show | Salt Lake City

Utah Children’s theater was kind enough to host us for their Magic Show. I’m a big fan of places that allow my kids to experience new things. Theater is always a hard one for kids to experience because, let’s be honest, kids are can be disruptive. Utah Children’s theater is such a great solution. I love how they allowed and encouraged the kids to react to the performance. And they even have treats! Treats and drinks are $2 each. Andrew Nadon, the mentalist who performs the show, was great at keeping the kids entertained and laughing. The stage setup is

Antelope Island Winter Part Dos | Adventurin'

After hearing that Camille went out to Antelope Island in the Winter, I knew what my family would be doing for Martin Luther King Day. Luckily, we did completely different things. Just goes to show there is much to do on Antelope Island. We headed on out to Antelope Island on a drizzly, cold January day. First stop, the Visitor Center. Don't worry, Aiko made it there safely with her hiking sticks. Apparently, this Visitor Center has been there for quite a few years. I've never been and for some reason thought that it was new (in the last few

Children's Treehouse Museum | Field Trippin'

We were invited to attend a Field Trip to The Tree House with a Home School group last week. I have been to the museum before, but never for a legit field trip, so I was surprised that it was a full on planned/educational experiences. With our group, we had a special rate for the kids, parents and babies were free. (After our 3 hour field trip, they invited us to pay the difference of a full ticket if we wanted to stay longer). We started with a re-enactment of the medieval times. Berdee (18m) walked around and explored while

Spiral Jetty | Great Salt Lake

Think of one place in Utah where people come from all over the world to visit. Zion National Park? Temple Square? Arches National Park? If you guessed any of these glorious places, you'd be right, but you may be surprised to know that the Spiral Jetty fits this description, too. (See our post on Created in 1970 by renowned artist/sculptor Robert Smithson, the Spiral Jetty forms a massive coil of black basalt rocks jutting from the northeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake. People from all over the world (especially those who know a bit about the art world)

Antelope Island . . . in the Snow?!?

No kidding, Antelope Island is one of my family's favorite places to visit in Utah. My husband grew up nearby Antelope Island, and has fond memories of trekking out here as a kid. I fell in love with the landscape of this place when I was in college, and since then, my husband and I make a point of visiting Antelope Island at least once a year. It's that amazing. We recently visited this awe-inspiring location over the winter break and were enamored by the fact that the island was covered in snow, which made this magical place even more

Not Your Traditional Stocking Stuffers.

It's two weeks before Christmas and you suddenly realize this. What are you GOING TO DO?! You don't really want to just buy stuff to buy stuff right? Well, why not gift "something to do?" KSL has a sweet deal on Toad's right now. Become a VIP! Here. Like, you could purchase a punch pass to The Ninja Warehouse for the husband. Or you could get your kids a monthly pass. You could get some of these Ice Castle tickets super cheap. Want to go above and beyond? Why not take the family on a Staycation? We've got a few

Utah Children's Theatre | Snow White

My niece recently turned 9 and when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she told me she wanted to see a play. So I looked into local productions and just happened to find that the Utah Children's Theatre was running Snow White, which happens to be one of her favorite stories. I was so excited to find out that they had enough tickets left to host all the girls in our family for a fun girl's night out with the aunts, cousins, and of course, Grandma. It was such a fun show, they ran one of the
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