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ROY'S Pizza & Pasta | Grubbin' | St. George

Last time we were in St. George my cousin got us bread sticks from Roy's. They were down right a-mazing! So we thought we would try out their pizza this time. Ok, first of all, their name is Roys! That's my grandpas name. Bonus point #1 They are family owned with a dad and his 2 sons.Bonus point #2. (I have a soft spot for all things "family biz".) And true to the test, the pizza was just as good as the cheesy bread sticks, oh and they gave us ranch and sauce for dipping. That deserves bonus point. Now

Benja Thai & Sushi | Grubbin' | St. George | Southern Utah

The week we were were visiting St. George, 2 of our friends from up north also happened to be in town and we all went to Benjas the same night! I can't believe we missed each other! What are the chances? Do I start with the curry or the sushi? Both were perfection! I was alone with 4 kids(9m-9yrs) in tow and this place was pretty fancy, but I really wanted sushi so I was willing to take a chance with all the little people. Turns out the baby loves edamame and rice and the kids are obsessed with orange

6 Things to Know about Snow Canyon | Southern Utah | Field Trippin'

Stephanie here. Today I'm sharing 4 amazing trails in Snow Canyon and 6 things you should know before you go! Hidden Pinyon Trail This was a great trail for the kids(9m-9yrs). We picked up a trail guide at the start of the trail. Along the way there were markers, 19 total. Each marker corresponded with a plant in our trail guide. The kids loved running along the trail in search of the next marker. Then we would stop and read about the plant. This was an awesome resource! We learned so much about the plants, what they are used for

Cabela's | Lehi | Field Trippin'

Hope you have some fun weekend plans! Be sure to check out our calendar if you are looking for ideas, or visit our MAP! If you are looking to blow a few minutes or an hour in Lehi, Cabelas will deliver. There is a good size aquarium with local fish from Utah, a small one room museum of taxidermy at its finest, a one room gun museum and a mountain covered in stuffed wildlife of all kinds. Great for getting an up close look at wildlife. Then up stairs they have tents set up so the kids can run wild

George's Corner | Grubbin' | St. George

We passed Georges Corner Cafe on our museum tour so we thought we would stop and check it out. Its a cute place right on the corner. You can't miss it. The atmosphere was clean and light and definitly kid friendly. Mango lemonade for the kids becuase they are obsessed and Georges didn't dissapoint. We started with garlic bread with goat cheese and honey. YUM! I could have just eaten several helping of that and called it a day, but I had to try the buttermilk fried chicken. There was so much I barely made a dent, it was a

St. George Children's Museum Part 1 | Southern Utah | Field Trippin'

Steph here! We were here for hours! Good thing we ate first or we would have had to leave and then come back. The museum is two stories. The upstairs is like a small city with a post office, airport, bank and grocery store to name a few. Downstairs has a frozen exhibit, music area, and wheelchairs for the kids to play on and try their hand at b-ball on wheels. After the museum, we played at the Splash Pad which is located right next door! Be sure to check out some of Stephanie's other Museum trips in St. George

Pizza Pie Cafe | Clinton | Grubbin'

Steph here, Saturday we took the kids to see Jurassic World with their cousins (giving it 2 thumbs up). I dare say it was better than the first! After the movie we decided all you can eat pizza sounded like the perfect fit for our crew. We had never been to Pizza Pie Cafe so we were excited to try it out. We always love trying new places. And really, how can you go wrong with over 20 pizzas to choose from. Toppings like mac n cheese, and chicken ranch, the kids actually tried something other than plain cheese. We

Cup Bop | Grubbin' | Layton

Steph here: The food truck round up was just down the street from us in Layton, off HWY 193 so my sibs and I met up for some grub. I checked the Facebook group to see what trucks were coming. When I saw CupBob would be there I was so excited! I follow them on IG and have wanted to try a bowl of Korean BBQ forever! Now was my chance. The lines were long, but fast. Best advice, go early, like, EARLY! 5pm people. We went at 6 and the lines were long. There were cars parked all the

Sip 'n Swirl | Bountiful | Grubbin'

With temperatures in the triple digits we decided a cool treat was a necessity. So we dug around a little to find a fun new place to take the kids and came across Sip’n Swirl in Bountiful. They offer sort of a smorgasbord of delicious treats and drinks with a few savory dishes to balance things out. Picture the frozen yogurt bars you see everywhere, on steroids! Seriously, so many options it took me awhile to narrow down what I really wanted. (Which ended up being a couple of different things, because I am indecisive and couldn’t settle on one

FREE BSA Ropes Course | Ogden | Adevnturin' | r.a.m.p.

We tried out the BSA Rope Course last weekend for our free R.A.M.P. adventure in Weber county. If you don't know what R.A.M.P. is, check out our post HERE. We went around 11 and there was never more than one person ahead of us for each challenge. Dan and I tried climbing a telephone pole and jumping off. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty scary. To free fall jump with nothing to hold onto takes guts. While we were doing our thing, the kids waited in line to rock climb. The BSA staff was very helpful and got
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