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The Great Salt Lake is Pink at The Spiral Jetty 2019 | 12 Utah Staycations

Do you remember last year when we found out the Great Salt Lake was turning PINK?! Well, it's happening again! To find out why The Great Salt Lake is turning Pink head to our post from last year. We'd just finished eating at Idle Isle Cafe in Brigham City and we thought that NOW was the time to head to the Spiral Jetty and see the Pink Great Salt Lake too! On our way out, we found this brand spanking NEW mural that's just been painting in Corrine! Located on Promontory Road. You literally, can't miss it if you drive

Where to find the Pink Water at The Great Salt Lake

You are going to die when you see the Pink Water at the Great Salt Lake. Guess where you can find pink water? At the Spiral Jetty! Lisel is here sharing her recent trip, like this week recent! If you head out that way, be sure to read up on our itinerary on and don't forget to stop at Golden Spike National Monument on the way! I grew up in Utah and have been wanting to visit the Spiral Jetty for a while now. The motivation came when I realized that the Great Salt Lake is PINK at this

Utah's 2016 Summer Bucket List

We were so excited to share our 2016 Summer Bucketlist on Good Things Utah this morning. Be sure to click on the links below to check out details about why each of these places made our list of family summer favorites. And be sure to enter to win 2 gold passes to Utah's Olympic Park by commenting here. Utah Olympic Park Slide the City Berry Picking Spiral Jetty SUP Boarding

Giveaway | Spiral Jetty |

Where is The Salt Project now? Well, we'll give you a hint, it's a very "artsy" place with a very salty view. The Spiral Jetty! actually wrote a behind The Salt Project scenes article here. Be sure to check it out. Also, be watching our Instagram, we're giving away a whole bunch of swag! Men's T-shirt + Hat Women's T-shirt + Hat 2 Salt Project Adult Shirts 2 Kid Shirts 2 Salt Project Kid Shirts 4 Pairs Sunglasses National Park Centennial Stickers 4 Water Bottles Sunscreen for the Family (Cuz you are gonna need it

Spiral Jetty | Great Salt Lake

Think of one place in Utah where people come from all over the world to visit. Zion National Park? Temple Square? Arches National Park? If you guessed any of these glorious places, you'd be right, but you may be surprised to know that the Spiral Jetty fits this description, too. (See our post on Created in 1970 by renowned artist/sculptor Robert Smithson, the Spiral Jetty forms a massive coil of black basalt rocks jutting from the northeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake. People from all over the world (especially those who know a bit about the art world)

Spiral Jetty | Great Salt Lake | Britney

Brittney is back! She's writing all about Spiral Jetty. (See our post on It's definitely one of my favorite Utah adventure destinations. Here's a little background info for you. In 1970, Robert Smithson used over six thousand tons of black basalt rocks to form a coil 1,500 feet long that winds from the northeastern shoreline of the Great Salt Lake and into the water. He name his work "Spiral Jetty". Its pretty awesome. We made the mistake of trying to tack this trip onto the end of an already adventure filled day, and our kids just didn't make it
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