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Trains, Dinosaurs, Music, Oh My! | Thunder Junction All Abilities Park

You guys!!!!! If you haven't been to St. George recently, and there are plans to visit in the future, you simply MUST put the Thunder Junction All Abilities Park on your bucket list of things to do while there. Hands down, this is one of THE BEST public parks we've have ever taken our kids to. It's probably one of the best free public parks in Utah. Camille and I actually went separately and unknowingly wanted to both post about this amazing park. Camille went in November, while I went right after Christmas. I'd heard about this park, mainly because

West Yellowstone in ONE Day

Here is an easy guide for exploring Yellowstone in 1 Day! 4th grade pass! Wildlife! It's everywhere in Yellowstone. Keep your eyes peeled and watch for people pulled of the side of the road. They are probably looking at something amazing. Norris Geyser Basin If you only have time to see what Geyser area, this is the one we recommended. It was like walking on the moon! So incredible, so beautiful. The kids loved it. There were a few stairs at the beginning of the trail, but the rest was paved or a board walk, so you could take a

Island Park in ONE day

5 Fun ideas for a quick trip to Island Park. If you only have 1 day or even just a few hours, you can definitely do it all! BB guns Save your soda cans! And pack your guns. We live in the city so we don't use our BB guns very often. They were the biggest hit from our trip! All the kids had a blast hitting targets. Hammocks Island Park is all about relaxing! Don't forget to take a hammock and just sit back and relax. River Fun The river is LONG and WIDE! It's also super slow, so

Oddities in Cortez Colorado | Giant Cow | Creations from Mufflers | Road Trippin'

Giant Cow 215-399 Lakeside Drive, Cortez Colorado 81323 Just like we promised. I don't know why, but I do LOVE road side oddities. Anything to break-up a long drive. It gives the kids and myself the chance to get out and laugh a little. Plus, my kids LOVE cows, so why not? Creations from Mufflers County Road P, Cortez Colorado 81323 Another reason we make these stops is for my baby sister to run and chase deer, all the while screaming manically. It's what she does. My kids were actually asleep, so we did a quick tour of the place

Mesa Verde National Park | Colorado | Road Trippin'

We'll be sharing Road Trips on The Salt Project every once in a while. Don't worry, we still love Utah, but really, how could we NOT visit the worlds greatest place to see cave dwellings? Especially when Mesa Verde National Park is only 1 hour and 12 minutes away from Monticello, Utah? Mesa Verde is open year-round, but some areas are seasonal...apparently. This was kind of a bummer to find out. I usually research as much as possible beforehand, but didn't for some reason this time. It would have been helpful to know that most of the hikes and places

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park | Monticello Staycation

"I'm pretty tried, I think I'm done running now." Forrest Gump That's right people. How many of you knew Forrest Gump himself once ran this Utah road? many of you knew Monument Valley wasn't even in UTAH?! (Well part of it isn't.) Sheesh, the things you learn. I had not done any research beforehand, all I knew was that we were going to Monument Valley to watch the sunset. Next time, I'm going to find some books. (Yes, I still like actual books.) We were trying to find the spot for our epic sunset photos in Monument Valley, but

32 Reasons to visit Monticello

Just a few conversations from when I told people we were going to vacation in Monticello. "You are going where?" "Where?" "Why" "What's there?" When we got to Monticello: "Where are you from?" Apparently, I don't look like I'm a local. "Be sure to eat before pm, many places close or may be closed for the Easter Holiday." "There isn't much to Monticello the city itself, but there is so much to do OUTSIDE!" When I plan a trip, I get on Pinterest, Google Maps, city websites, ask a local (if I know one)... you get the idea. I'm not

Camping in Moab | Arches National Park | Canyonlands National Park | Dead Horse Point State Park

Need an amazing Spring Break destination within a few hours driving distance from home? Look no further than Moab! At just under 4 hours away from Salt Lake City, this place makes an incredible base for tons of family-friendly explorations of southern Utah. Now is a great time of year to hit up southern Utah, before the heat waves of the summer hit and make visiting the area a bit more unbearable. Back in September, my husband and I took our three little girls and joined up with some friends of ours (husband + wife + 6 little kids) to

Top 5 Pit Stops Along I-15

This morning on Studio 5 we shared our top 5 pit stops along I-15 in Utah. If you are planning a road trip for spring break in the next few weeks, be sure to check out our favorite spots to get out, have a picnic and stretch our legs. Red Cliffs is part of a National Conservation area and charges a $5 entrance fee per vehicle, otherwise these are all fun, FREE places where you can make a quick stop to help break up a long drive. Red Cliffs Hike Meadow Hot Springs Young Living Lavendar Farm Salt Lake City

8 FREE things to add to your San Diego Bucketlist

We LOVED exploring San Diego and are so excited to share 8 of our favorite FREE things to add to your San Diego Bucket list! #1 Old Town 2415 San Diego Avenue Suite 104 San Diego CA 92110 (Phone) 619.291.4903 This was our first stop and it gave the kids a good idea about what early California was like. So much charm, so much culture. We loved exploring the town and we were there early so we got a good parking spot and explored the old buildings without crowds. Next up was the Mormon Battalion Museum across the street. Then
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