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How I was converted to a BOB Stroller.

I'll admit, the first time I laid eyes on my BOB (Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie) jogging stroller I was worried. It. was. large. I mean, I know double strollers are freaking large, but this was crazy when I compared it to my 5'1" petite self. It sounds ridiculous but I was extremely self-conscious. I'm not normally one to care about how I look to others (really) but I kind of felt downright silly next to this gloriously large stroller. I was convinced just by looking at it that it was made for normal sized people, not short, half-Asian folks

Home Reno Series - Kitchen Reveal

Hey guys! We bought a fixer upper last year and have been in the process of renovating our home (on a budget), mid kitchen reno and I got pregnant with #readsbonusbaby number 5 so that put us a little behind schedule in a few areas. Now that baby Wells is sleeping 7-7 with a couple naps in between I finally feel like I can start to take on more projects and we can't wait to share them with you! First up is our kitchen. It was a beautiful smokey blue with oak on oak on oak and that gorgeous yellow

Teaching My Kid to Read in 4 Weeks.

As a homeschool mom I need all the help I can get. When it comes to curriculum and books I want the best of the best! I had the opportunity to try out this new reading program a couple months ago. Riz was in the beginning stages of learning to read and wanted to try it but was hesitant because there are SO many reading programs out there. I didn't see how this one was any different. But after listening to how this one was different than the rest I jumped on board and tried it out that night. Their

Minky Couture!

We’re super excited to #partner up with Minky Couture today! Did you know that these ultra soft blankets are actually made in Utah? That’s right today we are featuring another awesome Utah Company just in time for Mother's Day! No one is more excited about soft blankets than my Aiko. When choosing a blanket, I went with the Silver Cream No Ruffle mainly because it looked kind of like animal fur and so cuddly! If it had been up to Aiko, she would have chosen the pinkest, ruffliest, blanket in stock. These photos are literally the first time she’s touched

Soli Wellness Chiropractor Review

Ok, I just want to start by saying that when we find a local business that we love, we want to support them. We received amazing results from Soli Wellness and wanted to share our experience here for you. I also shared it (as I was going through everything) on our social media. There were a lot of people that said Chiropractors were the way to go, others said P.T., after talking to Dr. Randy he said it really just depends on whats wrong, some times you need one or the other, sometimes both and they can help you figure

PlanetBox Review

If you know us, we are picnicking ALL. THE. TIME. I usually pack food family style in baggies, so we are always chasing wrappers that get caught in the breeze. I've had my eye on the Planet Box metal lunch boxes for a couple years now. I knew my kids would love the small compartmentalized containers and I would love not having to deal with baggies and wrappers. Planet Box sent us their Launch and Rover boxes to review for you. Honestly, they are a bit pricey. But if you consider that they are the last lunch box you will

Biking with my kids on a Yuba Bike

Hey Guys! Just wanted to drop in one more time before Christmas. We've partnered up with Yuba Bikes to tell you ALL about the newest member of our family: The Sweet Cury Cargo Bike! We've managed to squeeze in three short bike rides in the days of 40 degree weather. The kids and I are SERIOUSLY bummed that spring is SO far away. Flash Back A few months ago, I was at the park with the kids and in rode this rockstar mom with 3 kids on her bike! I was blown away. I couldn't believe she had just ridden

Owlet Review

We were provided an Owlet Smart Sock to review. All opinions are my own. As parents, we worry a lot about our little ones. I always worry about my baby’s wellbeing. Even the first night in the hospital, I couldn't sleep because I was checking on the baby to make sure he was breathing every 30 minutes. It was so bad I finally sent him to the nursery so they could watch him while I got some rest. Because I was so nervous, I started really looking for something to use at home, to provide me with peace of mind

Halo SnoozyPod & SleepSack Review

I'll admit, when Stephanie asked if I wanted to try out the HALO SnoozyPod, I was a little hesitant. I'm a firm believer in self soothing babies and I didn't want her to become dependent on something. But it's been a few crazy weeks of sleepless nights for baby. I think she's teething, so I was ready to try something new. Since Rizden had already set up the HALO SnoozyPod, it was a breeze to grab and take home. When I got home all I needed to do was lift up the mattress and plug in the cord. All three

Antelope by Moonlight | Dark Side of The Moon | Review

If you'll recall (maybe you saw our Instagram Story?) we partnered up with Davis County (past post here.) to let you know all about the Antelope by Moonlight bike ride! It's an annual bike ride that's 24 miles on Antelope Island on a full moon night! While I’ve never done any kind of bike race in my life, I feel that I'm not a super newbie to cycling itself. I am for sure a newbie in the racing aspect. For the past 5 years I’ve been doing spin classes at the gym. Since having a baby, I’ve probably only been
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