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Natural History Museum of Utah | Ancient Secrets Hidden World

There is a new exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Utah and you know what that means! Field trip time! I was shocked to look back and see that the last time my family had visited was 3 year ago! Why do the kids have to grow so fast? The bad news is that we were WAY over due for a visit since this is one of my kids favorite museums in SLC. The good news, some of their favorite parts of the museum back then are still their favorite parts today. The new Maya Exhibit was incredible and

Natural History Museum of Utah | Vikings Beyond the Legend

I recently was able to visit the new Viking Beyond the Legend exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Utah with my kids. This is an impressive exhibit and full of fascinating history about the people living in Scandinavia between AD 750-1100. This exhibit is immersive and vast, featuring over 400 artifacts! There really is so much beautiful history and information provided through this exhibit that I would recommend everyone experience it for themselves! Here are my top 5 reasons you and your kids should visit, Vikings Beyond the Legend. 1. Over a dozen interactive displays that immerse you into

Giveaway | The Power of Poison | NHMU

The Natural History Museum of Utah always has one rotating exhibit that changes every few months, so we always like to check out the museum a couple of times each year to see what is new. This cycle they are featuring The Power of Poison. It is only around for a few more weeks, so you have to go before April 15th if you want to catch it. My kids loved this one and were so excited when they heard we'd been invited out a couple weeks ago to see it. Upon entering the exhibit you get to learn all

NHMU Highlights Tour

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Natural History Museum on the U of U campus! There is so much to see we usually spend all day and still end up skipping a few things. I was so excited when they invited us down to experience their new highlight tour, because with 5 little ones I sometimes don't get to read every plaque and know exactly what I am looking at. Also, they shared some cool stories and facts that are sort of 'insider knowledge' and aren't actually listed anywhere on their signage. The tours are only an additional $2 for adults

Natural History Museum of Utah | Salt Lake City

We were recently invited on a trip to the Natural History Museum up on the University of Utah campus. If you've ever seen Night at the Museum, it is basically Utah's version of that same type of museum (only nothing comes alive... that I know of :) There is however a huge variety of things to see and explore from all different periods throughout history and covering everything from geology to biology to anthropology to metrology and a whole ton of other ologies as well! Our museum here has a TON of hands on exhibits, you can tell they had

Natural History Museum of Utah | Geckos Live | Salt Lake City

We love the Natural History Museum! In addition to all their other fun permanent exhibits, they always have at least one traveling exhibit that rotates out and they recently invited us to check out their current display. Right now they are featuring Geckos Live, all the way from Clyde Peeling's Reptiland in Pennsylvania. You can always tell what their current exhibit is because they decorate the foyer area accordingly and this time was no exception. In addition to all the gecko decals spread throughout the museum, they offered the kids a little brochure with a scavenger hunt featuring each one

Giveaway | Jurassic World | Roar

Did you know that Utah is a Dinosaur Fossil gold mine?! I mean, Utah, it's a big deal. So big in fact, that the Utahraptor was found right here in Moab, Utah. That's right people, we have our own dinosaur. It's also a cousin of the Velociraptor in Jurassic Park. Utah has a lot of dinosaur history, so we've compiled a list of our favorite Dinosaur Museums. You'll definetly want to add these museums to your summer bucket list. Natural History Museum of Utah | Salt Lake City The Natural History Museum of Utah has the world's largest and only
Natural History Museum of Utah | Groupon harm Tue, 03/03/2015 - 12:55
Seems The Salt Project is in a dinosaur mood! Check out this sweet deal for the Natural History Museum of Utah from Groupon today! Natural History Museum of Utah Entry for Two, Four, or Six (Up to 50% Off) Check out The Salt Project's post about the Natural History Museum of Utah here!

Natural History Museum of Utah | Salt Lake City

We decided to forego the crazy Christmas shopping and headed as far east as you can go in Salt Lake City, to the Natural History Museum of Utah building. It was magnificent. Luckily, there were so many displays for all different ages, including, Aiko, my brother and my husband. We may or may not have spent AWHILE at the erosion station. By we, I mean my husband. I was kind of bummed we weren't there during the warm months, the view of Salt Lake was spectacular and they have a few different terraces. (That were closed.) The latest exhibit is
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