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Ice Castles | Adventurin'

Hey friends! We are so excited to be adding the Midway Ice Castles to our Ultimate Winter Bucket List! None of us here at The Salt Project have been and we are so excited to go. If you are wanting to go, be sure to plan your trip soon! They wont be around for long. We have included a discount code for you below! Fun and Unique experience with your family at Amazing Ice Castles! Save 15% off admission!
13 Reasons You Are Missing Out in Midway and Heber City. harm Thu, 10/29/2015 - 20:42
Seriously, we've been spending a ton of time in Midway and Heber City the last few months. If I could move here, I probably would. Small town charm with a Swiss twist. Ice Castles Elsa may have had something to do with this castle. It's jawdroppingly cool. Cascade Springs A boardwalk through some beautiful natural springs. Zermatt Resort Visit the Spa, ride the carousel, pet the goats, or rent one of these! See Harmony's Staycation ideas here, here and here. Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championship Babe is real. Sample cheese from Heber Valley Artisan Cheese or tour the farm! Cheese

Adventure Haus | Cascade Springs | Zermatt Resort | Staycations

Adventure Haus | Zermatt Resort This was probably THE best way to sum up our Staycation at the Zermatt Resort. (Thanks to the Adventure Haus and Zermatt Resort for setting hosting us.) Who doesn’t want to take a Polaris Razor 4 (that holds four) and ride it around the Wasatch mountain range for 2 hours?! We were given a 5-minute safety overview, instructions and a map and were off! Right from the Zermatt Entrance! I didn't realize we were so close to a whole world of off roading trails, specifically created for 4 wheeling fun. About 4 minutes into the

Giveaway | Dairy Keen | Grubbin'

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my husband and I really like to use Yelp when trying to find food places. I honestly feel like if you are going to travel, you’ve got to try the local places to truly feel like you are “there.” We’d just finished at the Heber Creeper and it was past dinner time for us. We eat at like 5:05…and it was 6:00. We were all a little hangry. So when we drove up to Dairy Keen, we were like…are all those cars parked for here? Yup. They were. It was crazyyyy busy. It’s
Heber Valley Railroad | Pumpkin Train | Field Trippin' harm Tue, 10/27/2015 - 15:14
I’d only heard about the Heber Creeper in the last few years, so I’ve been excited to take my babies to a good old train! My grandpa was a big train man, he even owned a model train shop in Iowa, so I have a deep love for trains. Aiko and Orion’s favorite book is all about trains, so I thought they’d be tickled to be on a real one. Man, I was not expecting something so picturesque. It’s quite the place. I’m a big Harry Potter fan and so of course I was feeling all Potter like. From the

Zermatt Resort | Staycations | Day 2

See our first impression of the Zermatt Resort here. How do your kids fair at sleeping while traveling? Sometimes mine are really good and just falling asleep and then this time not so much. While they were screaming for a good 30 minutes, I sat in their room, blasting Frozen Soundtrack and planning our next day in Midway. This is what I came up with: Breakfast at The Bakery at the Zermatt Feed the Goats/Walk the Resort Grounds/Ride the Carousel at the Zermatt Find Fairy Forest in the Uintah National Forest here. See Provo Falls on Mirror Lake Highway Ride

Zermatt Resort | Staycations

Let’s talk STAYCATIONS people! How many of you start planning your vacations and immediately start thinking of everywhere except for Utah? Well, here at The Salt Project, we want you to start planning to stay in our own glorious state for once. From the Places to stay, eat and the things to do, we’re going to throw it all at ya! You remember Glamping at Conestoga Ranch right? Well now, we’re going to tell you about this 4 Diamond Resort in Midway that calls itself the Zermattland (like Disneyland) because they’ve set the bar pretty high. But instead of Mickey

Fairy Land in Uinta National Forest

I like to think of myself of a Tomboy, that really likes accessories and clothing. Like bugs, I like bugs and sticks. That being said, I, for some reason, loathe princess stuff. Always have, probably always will. I just don’t dig the whole princess scene. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first to turn on a cartoon and basically any old Disney movie, but I’m very careful with what I let Aiko watch. I try to keep it neutral, especially now that Orion is getting older. I don’t always have control what she watched at the Gym Daycare. I

Heber Valley Artisan Cheese Farm | Field Trippin'

We stopped by Heber Valley Cheese for a tour while we were in Midway for the Soldier Hollow Classic and Swiss Days. After we sampled about 94 types of cheese and ice cream, they so kindly took us on a tour of the Dairy Farm next door. They are just starting to give tours of the farm to the public and we were the first to try is out. Furture tours might not be exactly like ours as they work out the bumps and streamline it. But we wanted to share our experience. First stop. BABY COW HEAVEN! I mean

Heber Valley Artisan Cheese | Field Trippin'

We stopped by Heber Valley Cheese while we were in Midway for the Soldier Hollow Classic and Swiss Days. Every year during Swiss Days, Heber Valley Cheese opens the back room for cheese sampling. Grant and his family own and opperate Heber Valley Cheese as well as the the dairy farm next door. It has been in the family for generations. Even Grandma was there! Making swiss treats for everyone to sample. When I saw Grandma I knew this was the real deal. You see, I was raised in a family business. And on any given day, there are 3
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