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Scottish Festival | Thanksgiving Point

My maiden name is Bruce. My kids all have Scottish names. I'm obsessed with bagpipes and kilts. I'm related to King Robert the Bruce. And yet, I'd never been to the Scottish Festival! I heard they were coming and we made a last minute trip to Lehi to check it out! See, Bruce! How cute! Irish deerhound. Baby Ginger in a kilt. Dying! The line for The Scottish Pie Shop was LONG! But we waited because we knew it would be good! And they had Haggis. And we wanted Haggis! It was our first time, so we all passed it

Tulip Festival | Thanksgiving Point | Lehi

This was our family's first time visiting the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. We really had no idea what it would be like or what to expect, so I'll be sharing those things with any of you new comers today. When you arrive you will receive a map of the grounds. Tip #1 read the map. We didn't. And it turns out we missed a lot of cool stuff. So, it looks like we will be headed back again (children cheering in the background)! It was also windy, I lost my hat a few times, I'm pretty sure it's always windy

15 Stops to Break Up I-15 | Adventurin'

We know most Utahns are planning to leave Utah for Spring Break, so here are a few stops along I-15. Hot Springs | Honeyville Take the whole family for some hot water tube slides! Union Station | Ogden Visit Historic Union Station. Four museums one place. Wheeler Park | Salt Lake City Free Petting Zoo! Visit a Working Farm. The Murals | Salt Lake City Go for a Mural Scavenger Hunt. Museum of Ancient Living | Thanksgiving Point | Lehi Visit the Dinosaur Bones! Museum of Natural Curiosity | Lehi Walk the Ropes Course! JDAWGS | Lehi Delicious Hot Dogs

5 Things we Loved about Breakfast with Santa at Thanksgiving Point

1. The Magical Atmosphere Before we even walked we were able to meet a couple of Santa’s reindeers, “in REAL life” (as my daughter said with big eyes). The magic continued as we walked inside. The lights were turned down low which allowed twinkle lights to shine. Christmas music was softly playing in the background. The magic was most definitely there. My kids were totally impressed by the table decor. Coloring pages and crayons. It was hard to make them leave their coloring to get food. 2. Great Food Breakfast with Santa is set up buffet style. You can only

Thanksgiving Point's Eat Like a Pilgrim

Thanksgiving Point hosted my family for their annual Eat Like a Pilgrim event. I feel like there are a million Christmas themed events but there really aren’t that many events that celebrate Thanksgiving. It was so nice to take a step back from all the Christmas prep and celebrate the spirit of the first Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Point’s Eat Like a Pilgrim event is an actual re-enactment of the first Thanksgiving that took place in 1621 at Plymouth Colony. This re-enactment is the only Thanksgiving re-enactment outside of New England! When we first walked in, we were impressed by the decor

Cabela's | Lehi | Field Trippin'

Hope you have some fun weekend plans! Be sure to check out our calendar if you are looking for ideas, or visit our MAP! If you are looking to blow a few minutes or an hour in Lehi, Cabelas will deliver. There is a good size aquarium with local fish from Utah, a small one room museum of taxidermy at its finest, a one room gun museum and a mountain covered in stuffed wildlife of all kinds. Great for getting an up close look at wildlife. Then up stairs they have tents set up so the kids can run wild
Feature Friday | Utah's Adventure Family harm Thu, 06/25/2015 - 21:29
We are Natalie & Randy, and we run the website Utah’s Adventure Family where we share all of the family adventures we have tried in and around Utah. We travel all over the state looking for fun adventures for our three young boys to enjoy. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to see where we are adventuring today. One of our favorite things to do in Utah County is visit new parks! We have visited quite a few, but our boys seem to request the same favorites every time. We have complied our Top 5 Utah County parks

Museum of Ancient Living | Thanksgiving Point | Lehi | Field Trippin'

Have you entered our giant giveaway yet? Go to our post here to enter. We have five different prize packages and the grand prize is worth over $500! We're also giving away tickets to the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point! Be sure to go back and enter. Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point | Lehi Stephanie went last week and wants to tell you all about it! The Dinosaur Museum was awesome. We went last year and the kids were super excited to go again. This year they had a 7 wonders exhibit made out of balloons

Giveaway | Jurassic World | Roar

Did you know that Utah is a Dinosaur Fossil gold mine?! I mean, Utah, it's a big deal. So big in fact, that the Utahraptor was found right here in Moab, Utah. That's right people, we have our own dinosaur. It's also a cousin of the Velociraptor in Jurassic Park. Utah has a lot of dinosaur history, so we've compiled a list of our favorite Dinosaur Museums. You'll definetly want to add these museums to your summer bucket list. Natural History Museum of Utah | Salt Lake City The Natural History Museum of Utah has the world's largest and only

Giveaway | Museum of Natural Curiosity | Thanksgiving Point | JDAWGS | Lehi

Welcome, to one of the most amazing Museums in Utah! For reals though, how come they didn't have this stuff when I was a kid? Museums nowadays have just blown my mind. The Museum of Natural Curiosity has over 400 interactive displays. Water Works You could tell we were first timers. Our eyes were just wide open the whole time, plus we were "ooooing," and "aweeeeing." It wasn't just the kids either, we the parents were AMAZED. We probably should have come here last, as it was one of the favorites, but also, very wet. Maybe, if you stood long
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