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Staycation | Adventurin'

A few weeks ago, my husband had Thursday and Friday off from work, which meant I was trying to pack in AS MANY fun activities as humanly possible. While I like to pretend that I am a planner, I'm also a completely spontaneously wreck. Plus, you'd think that we would know what to do in UTAH! Good thing I know this website to look at. ;) The week before, I gave the husband several options and let him pick, since I'm always adventurin' during the week without him. Here's what we ended up with for this day. Cherry Hill |

Giveaway | 6 Reasons to Visit Midway | Adventurin'

Midway, this crazy little gem that is such a treasure! Let's talk about how charming and lovely the city is. Truly it looks and feels like Pinocchio and Gepetto are going to come waltzing down the road with their cricket. (Also, let's talk about how pretty that Ford F150 truck is! We teamed up with Young Automotive for a Staycation Vehicle!) 1.Handpainted Murals are Everywhere! Post Office | 125 W Main Street, Midway Everywhere you look, buildings have beautiful murals painted on them. Like the Post Office above. Or the windows have some kind of flower detail cut into the

Queens Garden and Navajo Loop | Bryce Canyon | Adventurin'

Harmony here! I'm so excited to tell you about the Queens Garden and Navajo Loop hike we did in Bryce Canyon earlier this summer. The weather was perfect and it has been my favorite hike I've ever done. The only thing that would have made it better, was if the husband could have come with us. The hike begins at Sunrise Point off of the rim. I researched quite a bit before leaving and supposedly, this is the "least difficult trail entering the canyon from the rim." While going down wasn't bad at all, I imagine going back up wouldn't

Alpine Loop Nature Trail | Cedar Breaks National Monument | Southern Utah

May 24, 2015. There was a crazy amount of snow at Cedar Breaks. Look what happens after just two months. Aiko and I would like to introduce you to Alpine Loop Hike at Cedar Breaks National Monument. One of the most beautifully floral hikes we've ever been on. I always love seeing the Red Rocks of Southern Utah. We actually went on this hike when Aiko was six months and I probably just realized I was pregnant with Orion. So it's been a while. But it was in the middl I've been meaning to post about this hike, because every

Hike the Hoodoos Challenge | Bryce Canyon | Bristlecone Loop | Rainbow Point

Bristlecone Loop, Rainbow Point & Hike the Hoodoos Challenge When I was a kid, family trips were such a drag. We were too cool to get out and look at all the beauty around, too cool to have family photos taken, just too cool for words, right? What I wouldn't give to change that. Now that I'm a parent, I'm constantly trying to find things that will amaze my kids heads off. Problem is, they are 2 1/2 and 1. They are just as happy with a wrapper as they are seeing Bryce Canyon. Aiko (2 1/2) is actually starting

Obon | Ogden

This Saturday is the Obon Festival at the Ogden Buddhist Temple. Go get some fresh Japanese food and watch the Taiko Drummers and dancers! Every year thousands of people around the year honor their ancestors in traditional clothing, dance and song. If you love learning about other cultures, this is one you won't want to miss. These are Harmony's cute little cousins above. Check out more about the Obon Festival on Indie Ogden's blog! Harmony wrote this post a few years ago, before The Salt Project days. It gives a little history about Ogden and Harmony's Japanese ancestors. Be sure

Ogden's Historic 25th Street Farmers & Art Market | Grubbin' | Adventurin'

Aiko and Harmony had a little date to the local Farmers Market in Ogden! I kind of just let Aiko wander where she wanted. It was kind of fun watching such a tiny person explore on her own. She would stop and just stare or point. She loved listening to the music and the BBQ man yelling about his pork. She didn't love the cowboys shooting guns, but everyone else did. We saw so many delicious veggies, vendors selling their handmade crafts and we even saw our favorite balloon man again! We had to get another freshly squeezed limeade. Seriously

Bryce Canyon Lodge & Cabins | Road Trippin' | Southern Utah

Harmony here! A few weeks ago I was able to take my babies to Bryce Canyon National Park. My Father-in-law worked at Bryce Canyon Lodge in the 60's for 9 years! Every five years there is a reunion for those who worked at Bryce from 1950 to 1970s. He was in charge of the reunion, so we kind of invited ourselves. It's not very often we get Grandma ANNNDD Grandpa to ourselves! This was my first road trip all by myself with just the #ohniceandchubbybabies. Bryce Canyon is 5 hours away so I wasn't quite sure how all of this

Barnes Park | Adventurin' | Kaysville

Being a mom makes me pay a lot more attention to parks these days. Aiko can point out a slide from a mile away, especially if it's a purple slide. So when they said "Barnes Park" I knew I had heard that name from somewhere. It was until we drove over the overpass that I realized that this was the same park that I had first "blown my knee out" playing the beloved sport of soccer. Luckily, I suffer no negative feelings towards the park itself, since it did happen on the soccer fields and not the playground. The park

St. George Children's Museum | Part 2 | Southern Utah | Field Trippin'

Aiko would like to welcome you to the St. George Children's Museum! I took a bunch of notes about the building but lost them along the way. I do remember it used to be the college building, then an administration building and then vacant for a few years. Now, it's been remodeled for our kids! Every room had a different theme and even the hallways were decked out. Aiko loves to shop for food. Seriously, each room had something so unique. The castle room was pretty crazy. The drawbridge and the dragon. Of course, there was a castle and dress-up
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