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Giveaway | Spiral Jetty |

Where is The Salt Project now? Well, we'll give you a hint, it's a very "artsy" place with a very salty view. The Spiral Jetty! actually wrote a behind The Salt Project scenes article here. Be sure to check it out. Also, be watching our Instagram, we're giving away a whole bunch of swag! Men's T-shirt + Hat Women's T-shirt + Hat 2 Salt Project Adult Shirts 2 Kid Shirts 2 Salt Project Kid Shirts 4 Pairs Sunglasses National Park Centennial Stickers 4 Water Bottles Sunscreen for the Family (Cuz you are gonna need it

Antelope Island | The Great Salt Lake

Alright, so remember how I told October what a glorious month it had been? Well, sheesh, November is rocking it too! (Well, it was, until this Polar Vortex set in.) Usually, when we've been out to Antelope Island it's so BLASTED hot, you think you want to go and dip yourself into The Great Salt Lake. So, you begin your mile long walk out there (The Great Salt Lake has been super low for years.) and wade through the sea of bugs, which, may be another mile or so still from salty water. If you actually make it past all
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