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Slot Canyon off of Burr Trail harm Fri, 09/09/2016 - 17:04
We're continuing our tour of central-southern Utah. Is that how one even describes it? Or maybe Garfield County? Whenever I say I went to Boulder, people always ask if it's Colorado. I guess I didn't even know there was a town named Boulder in Utah either. If you have a chance, drive through the Boulder Mountains. All of a sudden in you are in a green, forested area surrounded by dry desert far below you. Seriously, it was amazing. Boulder is a cute little town with a few different diners and places to stay and eat. We didn't stay, but

Hiking Calf Creek Lower Falls

We had stopped at the Visitor Center in Escalante, to find out what hikes would be kid friendly. I was pretty disappointed to find out that all the cool slot canyons, like Peek a Boo Gulch or Spooky Slot Canyon were not exactly kid and baby friendly. There was a chance for rain, so slot canyons were basically out for the day, kids or not. Luckily, Calf Creek Lower Falls was a good option, especially in the rain! So we started Calf Creek Lower Falls in the afternoon, with a cloudy overhead (which is completely unheard of.) Usually, Calf Creek
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