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Ogden 9th Street Bike Park

As my kids have gotten older, I've come to realize that little boys are WAYYYY different than girls. Ha! I mean, my little girls are just as adventurous, but my little boy is constantly fidgeting, wrestling and running around. While his sister is happy to color for an hour, he's content for about 5 seconds. Lucky for us, Orion has a BFF that lives down the street who is his exact age and height. I've been thinking about bike parks for a while, ever since Jack's mom took these two mountain biking while we hiked. I finally just DID it
9th Street Hiking Trail | Adventurin' harm Thu, 02/16/2017 - 09:20
I am 37 weeks pregnant today. Last week, I decided that I should go on a hike. Now, I haven't done so much as a walk around my block in months...I had been going to the gym, but the last month I've just been flat out lazy. Wasatch Little Explorers Club posted a meet-up and I figured today was my day to try something new and meet some new people! Ashley runs WLEC and posts weekly meet-ups. For this hiking meet-up, she planned for us to hike the trail on 9th Street in Ogden. It's part of the Bonneville shoreline
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