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See our first impression of the Zermatt Resort here.

How do your kids fair at sleeping while traveling? Sometimes mine are really good and just falling asleep and then this time not so much. While they were screaming for a good 30 minutes, I sat in their room, blasting Frozen Soundtrack and planning  our next day in Midway.

This is what I came up with:

  1. Breakfast at The Bakery at the Zermatt
  2. Feed the Goats/Walk the Resort Grounds/Ride the Carousel at the Zermatt
  3. Find Fairy Forest in the Uintah National Forest here.
  4. See Provo Falls on Mirror Lake Highway
  5. Ride the Heber Creeper
  6. Eat at Dairy Keen
  7. Drive around the valley
  8. Swim at The Zermatt

I just noticed that I skipped lunch somewhere, but technically, the kids ate two breakfasts and then we ate an earlier dinner.

Ya, it was a full day. But lots of fun.

Breakfast for the kids consisted of leftover pizza from the night before. (Cheeseless of course.)

I still can't get over the view from our balcony...some people may not appreciate the farming land, but I sure do.

Walk the Resort Grounds

We decided to walk a long way to the Bakery so we could check out all the Craters on the Resort. We passed tennis courts, the convention center, Razors (just beckoning us to rent one) and two hot spring craters. Really, the entrance into the Zermatt is amazing. Cobblestone driveway and amazing hand painted murals. It's got all the little details just right.

Check out the Hot Air Balloons in the right corner!

The Bakery

The Bakery was to die for. (Somehow I neglected to get a photo, but it's in the video above.) Come to find out, a gal I grew up with now runs The Bakery. They have award winning pastries, sandwiches, cookies and all sorts of good stuff. We ordered the Bear Claw (the Husband's Favorite) and the Pecan Sticky Bun, because, duh. It looked and WAS so delicious. After eating breakfast on the patio we sat checked out the Carousel and fed the goats.

The Carousel and Feeding the Goats

I was kind of in love with the Carousel. It's not very often you see one anymore.

Brother was just a little skeptical.

Just beyond the Carousel is a giant Hot Springs pond filled with Koi fish. The goats are just on the other side.

I don't know why, but the goats are freaking adorable. (I only got video footage of the goats, so you'll have to watch it.) My favorite one looked very pregnant. Either that or it had a very rectanglish stomach. It took some coaxing, but the kids finally pet the goats.  There's also a perfect place for a wedding at their gazebo. Don't forget about a game of horseshoes, or a giant sandbox for the kids. Really, it was such a lovely morning.

I was hoping to get the kids to sleep as we drove the hour to Fairy Forest...but alas, they fell asleep like 5 minutes before we got there. Check out my post all about Fairy Forest here.

Provo Falls on Mirror Lake Highway

Uintah National Forest

Provo Falls isn't too far away from Fairy Forest, so we took a slight detour for a few minutes. Had our kids been a bit older, it would have been super fun to crawl all over the rocks and waterfalls.

After Fairy Forest, we grabbed some snacks and by 3:00 we were out the door again, this time to the Heber Creeper Train!

Heber Creeper Train

My kids have been obsessed with trains for a while now. So we were super excited to take them. The pumpkin train was so cool. We had a 40 minute train ride (in the orange box of course.) then came back and walked through the spooky train. Afterwards everyone gets to go pick a pumpkin our of a train. We'll be writing up all the details in a post later this week. 

Basically, Orion was the happiest child between the two, so that's why they are all of him.

Aiko's been playing favorites, even more so than usual. Some how we caught the only photo of her sitting with me and not her dad.

By this time...we were all a little Hangry. (Hungry + Angry)

Dairy Keen

We ran over to Dairy Keen - The Home of the Trains! It's a local favorite and was busy! But the line went fast because there are so many trains and toys to check out. Trains going around the ceiling, train tables, train toys...I mean, trains are a big deal. Again, more details coming soon on Dairy Keen.

After eating our fill, we packed the kids back into the car. Within 3 minutes, both of them were completely sound asleep.

So instead of heading back to the Zermatt, we decided to drive around until it got dark.

Midway and Heber City are so charming. Many of the houses are quite old and then most of them have some kind of European theme. You can find murals all over the cities too, mainly on the homes.

My husband and I would were like "Oooo, let's buy that one, or that one." Since the towns are not that big, it doesn't take long to tour the town. We decided it was time to head back. Our kids don't transfer well when they are asleep, so instead of fighting it, we went for a little swim to get all the jitters out, hoping to wear them out once again.

Finally, everyone was out!

I realize, you can split all this up into multiple days, but we really only had 2 full days to see everything the Zermatt, Midway and Heber had to offer, so we packed it in.

We'll be posting about our Razor ride through the mountains of Midway! We will be talking all about riding through the dirt to Cascade Springs with the Adventure Haus at the Zermatt! Check back tomorrow.


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