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Let’s talk STAYCATIONS people! How many of you start planning your vacations and immediately start thinking of everywhere except for Utah? Well, here at The Salt Project, we want you to start planning to stay in our own glorious state for once. From the Places to stay, eat and the things to do, we’re going to throw it all at ya!

You remember Glamping at Conestoga Ranch right? Well now, we’re going to tell you about this 4 Diamond Resort in Midway that calls itself the Zermattland (like Disneyland) because they’ve set the bar pretty high. But instead of Mickey Mouse charm, they’ve got the Swiss Charm.

Welcome to the Zermatt Resort!

We were lucky enough to be hosted for a two night stay at the Zermatt Resort a few weeks ago. I’m excited to share our adventure!

You may have noticed we’ve been doing quite a few posts in Midway/Heber lately. We just discovered these charming towns for the first time this year! I’ve been up there 2 or 3 times in the last few months and apparently drove right pass the Zermatt Resort, multiple times. I actually had to go research about the Zermatt Resort before we went up. I hadn’t ever heard anything about it ever. I was blown away. I mean, it looks like a Swiss Mansion right in our Rocky Mountains. When I saw the carousel, I fell immediately in love.

When I walked into the lobby the first thing you see if this amazing stain glass water feature and then a WHOLE LOT of spooky Halloween Decorations. Come to find out, they go ALL out for the holidays. I loved how all the workers were either in uniform or some kind of Halloween costume.  Plus the front desk has individually wrapped pumpkin bread…YUM. Plus there was lemon water and cookies. (I didn’t tell my husband this, otherwise we’d be walking to the lobby every ten minutes.)

They have so many activities available at the Resort, I was kind of blown away with the selection. Here's a quick run down of all that you could do at the Zermatt Resort.

  • Halloween Activities (Seriously, hurry and check them out!)
  • Ride the Carousel - Ask the Bellhops at the entrance for a ride, you can go as much as you want!
  • Eat at The Bakery (We did, multiple times.)
  • Van Tour of Midway
  • Fitness Center (With an amazing view!)
  • Waterfall Pool and Hot Tub
  • Yoga Classes
  • Spa at the Resort
  • Wildfire Smokehaus
  • Walk the Grounds
  • Shuffleboard/chess/horseshoes - Ask the Bellhops at entrance
  • Feed the Goats - Ask for food from the Bellhops at the entrance
  • Adventure Haus - Hot Air Ballooning, Shopping, Snow Tubing, Cross Country, Off Road Adventures, Life Tickets, Ski & Snowboard Rentals, Shoe shoe Tours
  • Z’s Steak & Chop Haus
  • Conference Centers
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Catering
  • Visit the Crater

So what did we do next?  (After eating some Pumpkin Bread of course.) We went to check our 1 Bedroom Villa! Little Aiko, she was killing me dragging her giant suitcase around. (I do need some luggage tips if you have any.) When we walked in our room, the first thing my kids did was climb into the eating area. (It was dinner time.) We opened all the windows and found that we probably had the best view in the whole resort. Our windows looked right out into the mountains and fields of Heber Valley. My kids loved the fact that they could see cows from our patio and hear them throughout our stay. (We did not smell them, in case you were wondering.)

After unloaded our luggage we ran out for a quick bite to eat at The Junction. It was a good choice, try the Thai Pizza (Without Cheese of course.) or their El Diablo burger. With full bellies, we were now ready to do what everyone tells you not to do: Go swimming, right after you eat. After becoming sufficiently water logged, we crawled into bed and prepared ourselves for a full day of fun.

Check out our first impressions of the Zermatt Resort in our video. Tomorrow, we will be continuing the tour!

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