Provo Canyon with Voltage ebikes

We have walked Provo Canyon many times to see Bridal Veil Falls and we love it so much, but every year I want to see more of the trail and the best way to do that is on wheels. The summer got away from us, but we finally made it happen this fall with Voltage Rentals. They are located right at the mouth of the canyon, so you can rent bikes and scooters and go exploring. It really couldn't be easier.


Helpful Tips

Rentals available for 1 hr to all day

Make reservation before hand

We made it to the falls and back in 1 hr and had time for photos, but not much else. It was super cold in the canyon so we headed back because it was getting dark. If you want to go passed the falls, plan on 2+ hrs

Rentals are for age 12+

They have bike trailers available for rent for 11 and under

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