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Have you ever heard of a little place in Utah called Veyo?  Chances are, you haven't.  Which means you haven't heard of Veyo Pies, which is one of the best places on the planet to buy and devour a pie.  

Veyo is a little community just north and west of St. George.  The drive to Veyo from St. George only takes about 25 minutes and is worthwhile just for the scenery.  You can even take a slightly longer route to get to Veyo, driving right through Snow Canyon State Park (which is one of my all-time favorite Utah state parks)

Nearby, you'll find Veyo Pies.  It's right on the main drive (Highway 18) through Veyo.  When you walk into Veyo Pies, you'll smell the delicious smells of pies of all flavors.  My family and I had heard good things from a friend about the strawberry rhubarb pie, so we ordered that one, and we loved it!

But seriously, if I could have ordered one of everything, I would have. 

They have EVERY PIE FLAVOR!  Fruit pies (raspberry rhubarb, apple, blackberry, etc.), cream pies (banana cream, coconut cream, chocolate cream, sour cream lemon), and all sorts of specialty pies (the "Veyo Volcano", which has a graham cracker crust with layers of sweet cream cheese, butterscotch, chocolate, and whipped cream on top and is heavenly; triple chocolate; fresh strawberry; and more). 

Mmmmm.  Veyo Pies even makes meat pies, which they serve for lunch.  If this wasn't enough to persuade you to go, they can make their pies gluten free, if you call ahead and order in advance.  Oh, and did I mention they serve BBQ on the weekends? 

When my husband, kids, and I rolled up to Veyo Pies on a Thursday afternoon, we could smell the tantalizing scent of smoked BBQ meat.  Our mouths watered with the smell, and we were ready to order whatever BBQ they were selling.  Unfortunately for us, Veyo Pies only serves its delicious BBQ on Fridays and Saturdays.  Keep that in mind if you'd like a delicious lunch to go with your scrumptious pie.

When you arrive in Veyo, check out the "Veyo Volcano", a cool extinct volcanic cinder cone.  You can't miss it. If you have time, check out the hike information here.

Hours: M - Sat 10 am - 6 pm, Sunday 12 pm - 5 pm
Helpful Tips

We do not bake every item on our menu everyday. Please call to find out if we have the pie you want.

To place orders please call us at 435-574-2132. For large or special orders we will appreciate it greatly if you place an order at LEAST 1 day ahead of the pick up time!

If you have any questions please call us. For any comments or suggestions please contact us at or call!


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