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Anyone else in a sudden funk of downers? Maybe it was the Holidays or something because now I find myself mentally trying to plan a trip to somewhere warmer and just anywhere else but here. So instead, I'll write about this little road trip we took on Halloween day last year. . .

We had just finished our half day trip in Zion National Park and decided to take the road less traveled. Namely, through the tunnels of the East Entrance in Zion. If you continue following the East Entrance towards Mt. Carmel you'll find the coolest, somewhat scandalous, family restaurant.

Thunderbird Restaurant | Mt. Carmel

Now, we were practically starving having a late lunch and all, so between all of us, we were tired and HANGRY.

Somehow, I didn't manage to take a single picture of our food. Still, I feel that everyone should know about this delicious place as they are home to the "Ho-Made Pies." (Their main dishes are pretty good American food, but it's all about that Ho-Made Pie.) Being the sheltered, naive, person I am, I couldn't help wonder about the reason behind this scandalous sign. Come to find out, back in the day when they made their own sign, they didn't have enough room to spell out "Homemade" so they just shortened it. Through the years it's been left just to make people double think it.

I found it quite hilarious.

Plus, they have a pretty awesome gift shop next door. (I've mentioned before that I found the Zion Lodge to have a disappointed array of touristy items.)


Years ago, like 11 or 12, I found myself completely bored as a college student. As this happened often, I usually tried (even back then) to find something new to do. I don't remember how I heard about it, but I found myself driving from Cedar City to Orderville Utah. (58 miles) You don't even really need a map. This little town is not large and you can't miss the rock shops off the main road through town.

Because one of my main loves in life is rocks. For as long as I can remember I've always had some kind of rock collection. Whenever I went hiking I'd find a beautiful rock, usually with some crystal line through the middle, and take it home. I still have the rocks/glass that I bought all those years ago, still sitting in my window.

Needless to say, I've carried a lot of rocks. My husband refuses to carry my lovely rocks for me anymore.

I've been ACHING to go to Orderville again. If you are a rock lover like me, you'll see why.

Now, I know these aren't rocks as much as glass, but there are plenty of other rocks too.
If I had all the money in the world it would probably go towards rocks. Not diamonds, but beautiful raw, lovely crystals, or petrified poop. (I even had a necklace a friend gave me with petrified poop, pretty much the coolest thing ever.)

In fact, one of my goals is to visit Glitter Mountain (because I HAVEN"T been yet, it's killing me) and go rock hounding more often.

I love the colors and the way the sun sparkles on them. Le Sigh.
It's not just the rocks that draw you in. It's the weird sculptures like the Dino above, strange buildings, old beautiful trucks and Flinstone era vehicles.

These two towns are pretty much have all you need to survive the winter blues.

If you ever find yourself looking for a good car ride. Plan on visiting Orderville and Mt. Carmel, Utah! They aren't big, but they are well worth the visit.

Going for a short day trip to Zion National Park? Be sure to check out my past post about it here.


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