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This was our family's first time visiting the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. We really had no idea what it would be like or what to expect, so I'll be sharing those things with any of you new comers today.

When you arrive you will receive a map of the grounds. Tip #1 read the map. We didn't. And it turns out we missed a lot of cool stuff. So, it looks like we will be headed back again (children cheering in the background)!

It was also windy, I lost my hat a few times, I'm pretty sure it's always windy there due to the windmills dotting the area. I'm pretty observant like that (please note the dry humor and sarcasm in this post, it's late).

Heres the map that we looked at, but didn't really look at if you know what I mean. Read front and back. This is a crucial step in having a successful visit. Promise.

Once we saw the waterfalls it was over at that point. We could have left right after and the kids would have been on cloud nine. The kids ran and rolled frantically down the hill to the waters edge. After 10 minutes I had to drag them away to see the rest of the park. But first... I think I see food trucks!!!

Oh yes, yes, I did spy food trucks! Kids, what do you want. Corn dogs? Well its your lucky day! Because I spy a giant corn dogs atop a truck over yonder.

Now, I do enjoy a good corn dog, key word being "good." I had a feeling that these guys were legit and I was right! Made to order!

We got regulars for all and a foot long for dad, because, he's the dad of course! We were giving the option of ketchup, mustard or honey. So I went out on a limb and tried my first honey corn dog. You guys. It was freaking amazing! I will never eat another corn dog without honey as long as I live! Plus, Corn dog Commander's corn was extra crispy and the dogs were extra juicy and flavorful. The kids mmm'ed and mmm'ed the entire time. They also stole my honey! Oh and durst I not forget the seasoned waffle fries cooked to perfection. Gosh I love food. WAY to much.

After the kids filled up, we headed to the bridge. Again, we could have left after the bridge because my kids are so obsessed with water, but little did they know what awaited them over yonder (a hint: more water)!

We didn't find out until later, but there is an owl nest with owlets on the rock cliff. You can see them from the bridge so keep your eyes peeled.

Can we stop for a moment and talk about this Trader Joes Cheddar and Carmel popcorn? Its amazing. Just sayin'.'

The last dozen pics or so were taken by Breckyn (8yrs). 

Failed attempt to get a good shot of the kids, we ran out of the TJ's popcorn so it just wasn't going to happen.

Rivers and ponds and bridges and flowers. It was basically a dream for my kids.

Here are some snaps from our day. The kids gave it two thumbs up and asked when we were coming back, so I'd say that's a good sign that they loved it as much as mom and dad.

We really could have stayed here all day if we hadn't run out of TJ's popcorn for the tired babe who desperately needed a nap. The grounds were SO beautiful and the flowers were amazing!

See our past posts about the Tulip Festival.

Helpful Tips

We went on a Friday at 10am and the line was out the door. Be sure to go early to avoid crowds. Also, taking a water bottle is a good idea too. There is food availble for purchase or you can pack a picnic. Sunscreen and sunglasses are also a good idea. 



Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Take I-15 to exit #284 (Timpanogos Hwy or SR92) in Lehi and proceed west on Clubhouse Drive. Cross the bridge and take an immediate right onto Garden Drive and proceed to the Gardens area.

Buy Bulbs

1) After the Tulip Festival, we remove tulip bulbs from the Gardens and sell them in mixed varieties for $3 per dozen. The sale takes place in the greenhouse.
2. For those who want a more planned design (or may have seen bulbs in the Gardens that they just can’t do without), we have partnered with our bulb supplier in Holland. Our guests can have a 20 percent off coupon ordering bulbs direct from our supplier. They are shipped to a warehouse in the US, who then ships them directly to your homes just in time for fall planting. CODE: SHOW15


$30: Golf cart (1.5 hour rental, can hold up to 4 people)
$30: Segway (one hour rental)

All rentals are first-come, first-serve.  We do not take reservations.

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