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First things first, have you entered to win our Epic RV Staycation Giveaway with Access RV? We've been planning this RV trip for months and we could NOT WAIT to share it with you! Our first place we stopped is WAYYYYYYYY out there, like, way out there! Have you heard of the Sun Tunnels in the Great Basin Desert? 

They are LITERALLY out in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, Google Maps directions take you RIGHT to the location. We were a little worried about the dirt road with our RV, but nothing an RV couldn't handle.

The drive is LONG, so long, in fact, the kids actually napped. It took us 3 hours from Ogden to get out to the Sun Tunnels. 


Someone had hung a hammock!

Once we got out to the Sun Tunnels, we released the children. 

Who'd have thought some concrete tunnels would be so much fun for the kids. 

The Sun Tunnels were created in 1976 but Nancy Holt. There are four, GIANT, concrete cylinders, arranged in a cross pattern, that align with the sunrise and sunset of the solstices. There are four constellations, Draco Perseus, Columba and Capricorn drilled into the cylinders. 

The holes were big enough, each one of our kids could fit through them (with help from dad.)

To give you an idea of how big the cylinders are. They are HUGE.

I wish we could have stayed to watch the sunset, but we had a schedule to keep. It was about 2 pm when we got to the Sun Tunnels. 

There was one other person there. It looked like they were camping. We never saw anyone actually come out of the van and didn't hear anything. 

The babies loved crawling through the dirt. There are some prickly plants, so watch out for those. 

It was only a matter of time before the kids would ask to climb to the top of the tunnels. 

We probably stayed an hour playing. The kids would have stayed longer too. 

Seriously, these things are epic. 

There was literally nothing for miles in any direction. It was quite beautiful. 

We were finally able to pull the kids away.

This is Stop Number 1 on our RV Staycation and I can now say that I have driven ALLL the way Around the Great Salt Lake! 

Be sure to follow along on our social media and enter to win your own Family RV Staycation with Access RV! 

The Salt Project
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Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • No Reception.
  • We used Google Maps to get out to the Sun Tunnels. There is some signage but some are turned the wrong way or there aren't any signs where there should be. 
  • No Bathrooms
  • While the dirt road out there wasn't bad, it could get tricky when it's muddy. 
  • Look for Mountain Goats! We didn't see any but saw signs that there are some out there.
  • Plan for anything crazy, bring extra water, food, anything, you never know what will happen out there in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!


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