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A few weeks ago we headed to Brigham City to do some exploring, more importantly, we went to Storm Bowling Factory. My friend works there and told me they did tours. You know we love random tours.

We booked an appointment with Zach and headed to Brigham. When you walk in you are immediately impressed with the amounts of ALL the bowling balls on display. They even have some vintage bowling ball displays. (Don’t let the kids play with them…we learned that the wrong way.)

We couldn’t actually take pictures of the actual process of the bowling ball being made (Because trade secretes!) but we did learn and walk through the factory of how they were made. We saw from beginning to end! The core, the molds, we touched (warm) just made balls in the different colors, watch them be polished and balanced and watch them being labeled! Strom even has their OWN bowling arena for testing new products.

It was actually super interesting. For some reason, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see what’s in the inside. The core is actually a whole bunch of different shapes, and depends on what you want the ball to do, like spin, go straight or whatever they have there. We saw all sorts of bowling balls. You guys, we SMELLED grape and coconut bowling balls!

You’ll have to book your own tour to learn about more, think about “How It’s Made” but LIVE!

Thanks for having us Storm!

Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • Best in groups of 10 or less. Bigger groups can be helped, but need to coordinate more. It's not something they do regularly, but loved to do the tours, so you may not be able to just book anytime you want.
  • Email Zach Trevino to book your appointment :
  • Takes about 30-40 minutes.
  • Keep on eye on your children, you walk through the actual work spaces and it can be dangerous with chemicals, heavy machinery and loud noises.
  • If your kids have sensory issues, you may want to consider bringing safety glasses (which they provide, but they are only in adult sizes) and maybe some ear plus for kids. Ours did fine with out either, but it can get loud.
(435) 723-0403

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