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Sledding is one of my favorite childhood winter activities. Now having kids of my own (ages 1-10yrs) I've figured out a few things that are a must when taking kids sledding.

It's tradition to go sledding with cousins on hwy 193 over Christmas break. It's so much more fun to go in a group! We all bring a couple sleds/boards/saucers and a few bags (if you don't know what bagging is, check it out here).

We always boil water before we go and put it in a thermos. We pack paper cups, a couple spoons to stir and a box of cocoa packets. We put it all in a grocery bag so we can just throw everything away when we are done. This is a HUGE bounds for the kids! We used to go get hot cocoa at the gas station after, but by the time we loaded into the car and got there we were warm, then kids were spilling hot cocoa in the hot car and.... you get the pictures. Not worth it. But having a mid sledding hot cocoa break is pretty awesome and you get the cocoa right when you need a boost of energy and some extra warmth. They also love putting snow in it if its to hot.

For the kids, I've found if they have warm hands, feet, and head they are happy campers. So be sure to get nice warm waterproof boots, mittens, and a good hat and they'll be happy campers.

We took the dog because he LOVES to go on adventures. He was so naughty this time. I have to remember to leave him home next time. He would NOT stop barking! He would chase us down the hill and he even got run over a few times but that didn't stop him for chasing and barking and barking and chasing. You win some, you lose some.

We love this hill because it has two good sized hills right by the parking lot. If you go fast enough, you'll make it down both of them. The littles like to stick to the first hill that is not as steep. And the big kids take the top hill and try to get down both. 

At the top of the hill you can cross a field to another steeper hill. There were a few people sledding that one, but we have always stayed at the hill by the parking lot.

Sledding is fun. Staying warm is the key.

Sledding 101

- Choose a hill based on a recommendation or one that you love. It's nice to know what to expect before you go. 

- Good boots, mittens, and a warm hat = happy warm kids

- Bring hot cocoa with you, your kids will think it's magical and thank you over and over and over (i promise). 

- Invite some friends, the more the merrier

- Check the D.I. for sleds/boards/saucers you can usually find them for $1 

- Try bagging. You can thank us later

Here are a couple of our favorite Sledding Hills

Sand Hollow, Tibble Fork, and HYW 193


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