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We've now been on two RV Trips. (Thanks to Access RV) While this doesn't make us pros, one of our trips was over 10 days cross country while our Utah RV Staycation was 4 days and 3 nights. RVing is basically like camping, you have to bring everything! Even though you might think you are overpacking, you really aren't. I'd say 95% of the stuff we packed this we actually used.

So here it is, our Salt Project RV Packing list. 

  • Clothes for everyone + a few extra.
  • Light Jackets and Winter Jackets. We like to layer with Patagonia kids jackets and fleece liners.
  • Swim Suits + Towels for everyone
  • Swim Floaties and inflatables
  • Extra Cooler. You just never know what you'll want it for.
  • Bathrooms Essentials (We have a travel bag with all the toothpaste shampoo etc so we just grabbed that.)
  • In a Pikle - I leave my Pikle back in my car at all times, so I just grabbed it and brought it in the RV. 
  • Extra Septic Tank Toilet Paper for RVs. You can always pick this up on the road too.
  • Warm PJs and warm socks for the night. Bring any extras for accidents.
  • Bedding, Kids comfort things.
  • Kids Car Seats -  While we didn't pack car seats for our 5 & 7-year-old, I kind of wished we did. It would have helped them nap better while on the road. We brought our other two car seats for our babies and they loved it. They could watch and hang out with everyone while being seat belted in. 

  • Games + Card Games + Games kids can play while sitting at the table. Like this, or this. 

  • Music - Don't forget your phone cords.
  • Sun Cover - Hats, Sunscreen
  • Cameras - I brought my big Nikon D7000 + my Polaroid Camera. I always tape up our polaroids photos on the cabinets. 

  • Tape - Scotch and Duck Tape (I forgot it this time and had to use some stickers I had in my bag.)
  • Toys - Each kid could bring a backpack full of toys and books. Everything had to fit inside of their designated bag. 
  • Extra charging cords + Cell phone holder (we used a magnetic one like this) + battery backup chargers just in case
  • Pillows - one for everyone. But, you can always pick them up locally if you forget us. 
  • Extra Blankets (We under packed on blankets and we could have really used them this time.) Bring WARM blankets. I brought my wool blanket last minute and it's a good thing we did.
  • Sleeping Bags
  • We brought along some bubbles, plus a bubble machine.
  • BikesHelmets, Scooters - You better believe we brought our Woom bikes along. The kids used them too! 
  • Camping Essentials. 

    We have a huge camping box that's heavy and bulky, but we take it camping and it has all the pots/pans/plates/utensils/emergency things we need. We didn't use anything out of the box except for the teapot and matches this we probably could have left it home. 
  • Camping Chairs
  • Camping Roasting Sticks
  • Firewood
  • Water bottle for each person. One that won't tip and leak. We like these. 
  • A few tools would be handy. Screwdriver with multiple bits, a hammer, a good knife, hatchet, pickax, duct tape.
  • An RV Manual. On our last trip, we didn't have a manual in our RV, luckily, Stephanie's RV did have one. When our generator went out in the night and we couldn't get it to turn on the next day to bring in the slide, we read up in the manual how to get that slide back in. You won't always have cell service, so while Google is's not everywhere! 
  • A container for shoes. I liked to store all the shoes in a bin under the table. It's easy to pack up and the kids know where everything is. 
  • Snacks, lots of snacks.
  • Sandwich Stuff. It was really nice to just pull off and make a quick sandwich.
  • Drinks, Hot Chocolate packs, and styrafoam cups

I'm sure there are lots of other things, but I think that's a pretty comprehensive list for us! 

Other random tips.

Utah Law requires that everyone be seatbelted in. There's not really much detail and nothing is said about car seats. We made sure everyone was seatbelted while the car was moving. 

Any tips to add? Don't forget, our RV Staycation Giveaway with Acces RV is ending soon, so go and enter! 

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