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Looking for an activity for the whole family? Look no further! We went on a horse-drawn wagon ride from Ruby's Inn and it was amazing! We have 9 kids from 8 months to 14 years old, so it’s kind of hard finding an activity for so many ages. Be sure to enter our giveaway from Garfield County that also includes a wagon ride! 

We LOVED our Wagon Ride. We were SO lucky to get Arkansas Dave! 

Arkansas Dave is a semi-retired Cowboy from Arkansas who spends his summers working his Belgium Draft Team, Daisy and Fred. 

The 1 hour Wagon Ride takes you out to the Fairyland Rim of Bryce Canyon and through the Tropic Canal. Which can be seen from here!

The Tropic Canal/Ditch was dug by the pioneers all the way from Tropic Reservoir up to the mountain. 

Stephanie and her older kids took a horse ride with Ruby's Inn too. Check out the post here

Arkansas Dave let two kids sit up front with him and even let 11-year-old Breckyn drive the horses! 

Now it’s this BEAUTIFUL waterfall that leads into Bryce Canyon National Park.

This ditch also makes an amazing waterfall clear down at Mossy Cave Trail.

The view is pretty spectacular but THE best part? We LOVED listening to Arkansas Dave recite his cowboy poetry to us. You can’t fake this kind of enthusiasm and Arkansas Dave almost had Stephanie in tears.

 Be sure to ask Arkansas Dave to recite his poem he wrote for his daughter's wedding. 

We loved our Wagon Ride with Arkansas Dave! Don’t forget to leave a tip! Don’t forget! We’re giving away a Staycation!! Be sure to check out the details and enter here!

Thanks to Ruby's Inn for hosting The Salt Project! 

The Salt Project
This post is sponsored, but The Salt Project's opinions are 100% our own.
Be sure to book early!
Entrance Fee(s)
Don't forget to tip your driver!
Helpful Tips
  • 1 Hour Ride
  • No Bathrooms on the trail.
  • Good for all ages.
  • If you are allergic to sure to take something before you go. 
  • Can get a little chilly (we went in April) and everyone had jackets.

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