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Rhiannon's back with another awesome hike! Be sure to check out some of her past hiking posts!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my toddler stroll around Silver Lake, however, I’ve done it too many times and recently when I was in the mood for something gratifying and easy, which is how I found the Rocky Mouth Falls in Sandy.

Why Rocky Mouth Falls?

Because you get everything you need in a hike and it’s SHORT! You get your uphill climb, the dirt, rock, and random sticks--that all toddlers LOVE---and you get a WATERFALL. I mean, all little kids love to see water falling, right?! The trail was pretty gratifying for .9 miles ROUND TRIP. You probably spend more time sitting at the falls than you do hiking up to it. Again, another gratifying aspect of the trail. We also found two small “caves.” The kids thought it was awesome.

After you climb the stairs.

There are stairs directly from the parking lot that go up hill and if you are not familiar with this area, you soon realize, you have arrived on a neighborhood street. At first it surprised me. At the time I was with a large group of children and became worried about my littles picking flowers and stampeding on people’s yards, please be courteous to the residents of the area.

Finding the trail is fairly easy after you get to the top of the stairs. Follow the road as it turns left. You will see a gate with a sign that tells you that you should not park on the road but in the parking lot down below. I figured the sign was just another way of saying, "THIS IS THE TRAILHEAD”. Through the gate are some more stairs to climb. Once you get to the top of the stairs the waterfall is pretty much just around the corner.

You can sit at the bottom of the falls and enjoy it. There are also some rocks and boulders and some of the kids in our group enjoyed climbing up them. There is also not a lot of space to sit near the bottom of the falls. I would personally avoid going with super large groups.

The only thing I probably did not like about this hike was that it was a little bit too short, but I think every now and again it’s great to throw in a hike like this for my kids. Hiking doesn’t have to take forever. :)


The trail head to this can be found in Google Maps.
You basically head east from the 6200 South exit off of I-215. Follow the road forever. You will pass the entrance to Big Cottonwood Canyon, keep going, and eventually you will turn right on Wasatch Blvd, which leads you right in front of La Caille. After you pass La Caille you will go through the light, you will pass the trail marker for Bell’s Canyon, for those of you familiar with this area. There is also a LDS church chapel right near the trail head. You pass the chapel on your right and then there is a fairly visible sign on the east side of the road that tells you, you have reached the parking lot for Rocky Mouth Falls.

Helpful Tips
  • Please be mindful and courteous to the residents of the area.
  • No dogs allowed
  • This place seems like it is pretty popular amongst little legged hikers and their moms. Please be aware that there aren’t a lot of places to sit and hang out around the falls.

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