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Rafting the Provo river has been on our Utah bucket list for years. This year it went on our summer 2020 bucket list so I was thrilled to finally get to check it off!

We took a guided rafting tour from High Country Adventure. This was a great option since we had an almost 3 year old. Since the water was so slow we were ok to bring him, but check before you book to see how fast the river is.

I got a lot of questions about guided vs self guided. Pro's, if you have littles, or you are a first timer, this is a great option because you can focus on your kids and having a fun time and not worry about crashing or steering.

There is one spot that you have to get out of the river and walk around a bridge. Since we had a guide we didn't have to get out, but he definitely knew how to maneuver the raft. A group behind us flipped but luckily they were ok.


Mid river jump in point is always a favorite. It was FREEZING! But so fun.

Grayson gave a star to the best river guide. Wells won! He said "thank you for the twinkle twinkle little star".

He was pretty excited to receive the ward. He loved rowing and didn't want to let go of the oars.

We saw someone flip their raft here. Guides only! (everyone else needs to exit the river and walk around the bridge).

We all got a turn rowing.


You can take a tube, kayak, paddle board or raft. We saw people on all of these things. But we recommend high quality heavy duty equipment, or you risk popping your tube and floating down the freezing river without anything at all.

Our instructor Grayson was so personable and kind. He was great with getting the kids involved. We had a great time with him and the kids loved riding the waves down the river.

At one point there was an old man throwing candy at all the rafts. I heard it was the real candy bomber, but no one knows for sure.

The water is freezing, so you definitely want to dress warm or go during the hottest part of the day if you have little ones.

Helpful Tips

Be sure to take water


Don't take anything you might lose or get wet

I took my iphone and it was fine, but the river is slower this time of year


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