Prime IV - Now OPEN in Layton

Too bad I was on drugs after my ankle surgery and didn't think about getting an IV sooner to help with my healing, but lucky for Locke, we decided to run down to 


Check out their amazing grand opening pricing HERE and get a FREE b12 shot!

These prices are only thru the end of Oct. Then prices will return to normal. You definitely want to jump on this deal! 


I have a membership, but the drips can be used at any time, so I've been saving them for later, and paying for the discounted drips while they ar on sale. 


If you've never tried Prime IV or had a drip, here are


- Available any time for any reason

The science of IV therapy isn't new, but now you don't need a doctor's order or go to the ER to get it. People love vitamin IVs to help with athletic performance, immunity, autoimmune issues, hangovers, migraines, weight loss. . . . and so much more. 

We have been using them for post surgery recovery and help with boating our immune systems before Covid season


- 100% absorption

IV therapy can benefit everyone since our bodies only absorb about 20% of the vitamins and nutrients we consume orally, but intravenous absorption is about 100%.


- Highly trained

The nurses and IV specialists help you customize a treatment plan based on your health & wellness goals. We have always have a great experience getting an IV at Prime IV and they really take time helping you pick out your drip.


- Spa Setting

Prime IV includes AMAZING state-of-the-art massage chairs and 5-star customer service. 


- Great value 

Have you ever gone to the ER for an IV? My husband has, and our bill was in the thousands. Prime IV is usually less expensive than a co-pay, and we take HSA/FSA. Memberships help you keep your nutrient levels elevated as you come 1-2 times per month and will save you a ton of money. 



We have been frequenting the Woodscross location but they just opened a new location in Layton! We are so excited to have one closer. They are owned by the same family so you can use your membership at either location. You can also get some killer deals at both locations right now.

They create your custom drip right on site so everything is fresh and at its highest potency. 







I got the Champion since I'm focusing on my ankle healing from having reconstruction surgery y this summer. I also started a work out routine to help get my muscle back after my right leg atrophied after surgery and not walking for 2 months. 

I have 6 weeks to get ready to hike Ben Lomond, so I'm hitting it hard! I signed up for the membership so I can get frequent IV's to help with muscle recovery as I get ready too.

Locke got the post surgery drip because he just has his last wisdom tooth removed (yes, we had to go twice, don't ask. We won't be going back to that dentist). He had a hard recovery with his last removal, and I didn't even think about getting IV's, so this time we went right in the next day and I can't tell you the difference it made. He was blog away by his recovery this time.

Picking which massage you want is the hardest part of the process.

These massage chairs are next level. They come with the membership. Honestly, it's the best part of my day. Sitting in the dark, getting the best mechanical massage of my life, and getting hydrated and filled with vitamins at the same time. They really make this such a wonderful experience. 


If you've ever been interested in IV therapy, nows your chance to trip it out and see how amazing you feel. I always get the B complex because I can FEEL the difference right away. I feel SO GOOD! And SO HAPPY! I know my body is needing a little help with those and that's why I can feel it so much. I also love the Vitamin D and magnesium. I'm been sleeping SO much better since I started getting drips. Its amazing what a difference it has made.

Be sure to mention The Salt Project when you go so you can get a special deal! We love when you guys support the amazing businesses we share! 

Helpful Tips

Check out Woods Cross

and Layton


For IV therapy, and amazing experience, informative and professional staff, and a spa like experience.

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