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Guess how we found out about these poppy fields? From you.

Angie sent us an e-mail with directions and photos (above.) So of COURSE we had to run up to Mantua to check it out! We love hearing from fellow Utahns. Keep using the hashtag #thesaltproject. Or e-mail!

Mantua Poppy Fields

I can't tell you how many times we've driven past Mantua and never ever stopped there. We've always coveted the area, but never actually stopped. We know the poppies don't last forever, but it looks like there were a bunch more getting ready to bloom. I think it would be safe to say you could check them out this weekend.

We're pretty lucky that we have an "in-house" professional photographer at The Salt Project.

I've been trying to get poppies to grow in my yard for years and somehow I can't ever get it to grow. I have some California Poppies, but not these big, lush red ones. I think I'm going to have to try again.

You can tell the poppy fields have lots of visitors. There were paths winding all around. When we got there, there was one other couple taking photos. 20 minutes later when we left, there was a whole line of cars coming in.

We decided to have an impromptu photo session.

Luckily, the poppies aren't too prickly or anything. The kids loved picking flowers (we tried to pick the ones that were all ready broken.)

So if you are looking for a good Sunday drive, be sure to stop in Mantua and check out the poppies!

Luckily, Stephanie was heading to Mantua Reservoir to paddleboard (details coming later) and she had on one of our Salt Project shirts! They are open for pre-orders so check it out!

Check below for directions to the Poppy Field. (I've been hearing lots and lots about Poppy Fields and saw a recent post from local Utah blogger House that Lars Built. She's posted about fields in Alpine Utah. So don't worry, you can go there too.)

Fireflies of Nibley, Utah

Heritage Park | 2456 S 800 W | Nibley, UT, 84321

Who knew we had fireflies in Utah? Not Us! We actually found out from Stoke Nature Center Facebook post. They have a firefly walk this Saturday from 9-10pm at Heritage Park in Nibley, Utah. It has a sidewalk the whole way and you can sit on the sidewalk and watch the fireflies. You'll want to be standing on the North side of the big willow tree behind the baseball diamond. That's where we saw most of the fireflies. We started seeing fireflies around 9:55. There's a fence up because they don't know why the fireflies are here and BYU actually bought the land to study the fireflies. 

Our very own Utah fireflies have a 3 blink sequence! Apparently all fireflies have their own sequence. Now, it's not like a bazillion of them are sparking up everywhere, it's more like watching some twinkling here and there. If you've never seen fireflies, add this to your bucket list! It's pretty magical.

It was took dark to take any photos, plus we couldn't get close enough, so we did take some quick Facebook Live videos.

Here's a map that Stokes Nature Center put together!

Location #2 Alpine Utah Poppies

There is another location to see the poppies located in Alpine, Utah. We got these directions from The House That Lars Built.

"I’ve been told that it’s illegal to park right by the poppy fields (Option B in the map below), but you would never know that based on the amount of cars that were parked there. There are no signs to indicate that it’s illegal so…you’re on your own for that. If you’d prefer not to risk it or you don’t have a car that can handle dirt roads, I’d suggest parking on Country Manor Drive or at the LDS Church building at 1125 N Alpine Blvd, Alpine, UT 84004. Turning from Country Manor Drive, it will look as if the road is blocked, but keep going as the road turns sharply right and continues up. I drive a little sedan that is not equipped for dirt roads. If you’re in a 4 wheel drive, you’ll be totally fine. Though my car is fine, it wasn’t a totally comfortable ride."

Happy Poppies field hunting everyone!

Helpful Tips

Tips for Poppy Fields

  • Please make sure to stay on the paths already forged.
  • We were there right around 5pm, but as we were leaving, TONS of cars and people were coming out for taking photos, so respect others while they take photos.
  • It's right by a Campground, so add this place to your bucket list to camp.
  • There may be bathrooms, but it's probably just for the campers.
  • Bring mosquito repellant.
  • There is a parking lot right next to the fields, you don't have to walk far at all.
  • My little Orion may be allergic to the pollen, so watch your kids and makes sure they don't rub their eyes too much!

Tips for Firefly Watching

  • It's got to be completely dark
  • Bathrooms are located in the park by the swings
  • Do not catch the fireflies
  • Stay on the trail
  • Artificial lights confuse the fireflies so please turn off flashlights, phones, and/or other light pollution when you approach the viewing area.
  • Strollers & Wheelchair friendly

Arwen Sun, 06/19/2016 - 10:04

I love your posts and ideas to get out there. Your pictures on the poppy fields are beautiful. I just like to mention something I learned when I attended the Flower Festival. We all love flowers and want to go back to see these beautiful fields every year. Instructors told us to please not pluck the flowers, because the next year, that spot we plucked the flower from, will be empty. No flower will grow there to replace it. The Instructor said if everyone plucks one flower every time they go to see flowers, then in a few years, that field of flowers will be gone.

I don't mean to offend or make you feel bad. I think is Important to teach our little ones about this and learn it ourselves. We all love nature and want to take care of it and preserve it. I know you are good people and I hope you understand. Take care.

Arwen Sun, 06/19/2016 - 10:07

I read that you tried to pick up the flowers that were already broken. I didn't see this part before. Pardon my previous comment. I'm sure you already know what explained before about flowers. Thank you again for your blog and hard work.

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