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We attended Autumn Aloft in Park City this year. This is a weekend celebration that is held every year in Park City. They invite Hot Air Balloons from across the country to join in the celebration. It attracts quite a crowd so be sure to come early. This year was a little rainy and cold but once the sun came up it was perfect! Check out their website for details. They give free tethered rides in balloons, and you get to stand right there on the field to watch everyone go up!

I surprised my husband with a ride in a Hot Air Balloon for his 37th birthday! He got this incredible shot from the sky.

They landed on a golf course. It was pretty fun playing the part of Chase, following friend finder and trying to find the best route to get to the balloon.

It took the whole crew to pack the balloon back into the case and carry the gear back to the truck.

They had to lift the balloon over a fence to get it back to the car. I didn't realize how much work the hobby can be.


This was such a great experience! Watching all the balloons get ready, lift off, and float away, then chasing them down. 

We highly recommend putting Autumn Aloft on your fall bucket list next year. Definitely an unforgettable experience.



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