Ogden Hot Springs - Adventurin'

I thought the Ogden Hot Pots closed years ago and everything ripped down. A google search says that "someone suggested these are closed". 

A couple weeks ago I decided to go exploring to see for myself. I was shocked to find people soaking and all of the Hot Pots still there! There was no sign that they were closed or that it was private property, so I brought my kids to explore. We had the place to ourselves other than one fisherman.

The water was great and all the pools are different temps.

I will say, the first day I explored and saw people there, it looked awesome! But when I brought my kids back, it was disgusting. Not pictured was the insane amount of garbage EVERYWHERE! Clothes, food, a knife!, garbage, garbage, garbage. 

Luckily someone had left a garbage bag, so I filled it with everything except the underwear sitting on a rock, hard pass. We hauled the bag back to the car but it busted open about 15 ft from the car! Thats how much crap there was! It ripped open an full garbage bag! So sad.

Please follow Pool Rules when visiting. No Glass, No pets, No garbage! Pack it in, Pack it out, and help spread the word on how to keep places like this nice for generations.

More tips and directions at the end of the post.

The walk from the road is just a few yards. The path has washed out but someone built a bridge.


I found this article https://archive.sltrib.com/article.php?id=57642226&itype=cmsid about them being closed. But there were no signs up when we went and there was an opening in the fence. Don't go at night as there tends to be more criminal activity as the article states.


Thanks for stopping by our blog! Please be sure to leave a comment or send us an email if you find any more info about these springs that we can share and keep people informed. And be sure to tag @saltproject.co if you go so we can share! We love seeing y'all out and about making memories with you family.

Helpful Tips

Limited parking in canyon, but there is a parking lot at the base of the canyon with a really nice walking trail and outhouse. This trail will lead to the waterfall, then just cross the street (no crosswalk, be careful). The trail to the Hot Pots in on your right, can't miss it.

No shade

No pets

No glass

No bathroom

Take your clothes/trash with you when you go. 

Please take care of these cool places so we can continue to use them. 

I don't recommend going at night, I've heard the crowd is rough.

Mornings are great.

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