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Last year, we had a tornado hit less than a mile away from our home. We were out of power for 3 or 4 days. We were the lucky ones. Lucky that we have family that lives close by.

Now, we've got wildfires ravaging 10 miles away. Our hearts go out to those who've recently lost their homes due to fires. These fires have affected some of our friends and local schools, so it all feels a little bit more real. Now we are reading that there were earthquakes in Idaho that could be felt here in Utah. (Standard Examiners' article and here.)

Did you guys feel the earthquakes? We thought now is a good time to remind everyone about being prepared. In the past we've written about 72 hour kits, especially for those with children. We've even made a full list of things you should have for an infant kit. 

5 Reasons Why you need a 72 hour kit

See more videos on the link above.

5 things to Know before you make a 72 hour kit

Emergency Baby Kit

See actual list on the link above.

Here's a list of local websites for Emergencies.

How do you guys prepare? Do you have lots of food storage? What strategies do you have? Since Stephanie wrote about 72 hour kits in 2015, I actually went out and created some for my family. I haven't even thought about them since. I think it's time to get a little bit more prepared.


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