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Located just West of Church Rock (above) you'll find yourself on a nice 20 minute drive to Newspaper Rock. You'll also pass a bunch of abandoned cabins that once belonged to a religious cult that worshiped Church Rock. (Things only the locals tell you.)

Think of Newspaper Rock like a Facebook and Twitter Page only a 2000 year old version. Could you imagine sitting there and chiseling out your story, who knew how long that would take you?

This petroglyph site is 200 square foot area one the largest and best preserved.

We came up with all sorts of theories. Like what if this was just a graffiti site for kids when they got angry with their parents?

Or maybe this is where the elder stood and wrote out his story while his whole village looked on, watching every chisel.

Who knows, but either way, it's pretty amazing.

Who knows the difference between petroglyph and pictograph?

We were still on tour with the Canyon Country Discovery Center and still had a family friendly hike next.

Just south of Newspaper Rock are a bunch of dirt roads and different trails that we could pick and choose from.

Be sure to stop and give some attention to the amazing rock formations. I do love the red rocks.

I just happened to find a jawbone of some animal. Not everyone was as excited as I was to touch it.

I'm not sure how long we walked, but we decided to take a detour to go and climb the rocks nearby.

I came to a sad realization that day, well maybe, a happy and sad one. My babies are no longer bound to be carried in their baby carriers. They now are old enough to walk and toddle around longer distances that I even thought was possible.

They can scale rocks and go up faster than I can.

Man, it's crazy how much my kids love to explore. I always think that they are too little to do this kind of adventuring.

After we climbed down the rocks we saw a cleared area and decided to go and check out the river.

We were lucky that March had decided to be pretty warm that day. Otherwise, we would have had frozen little toes.

I'm kind of surprised that no one ended up in the river.

We had some snacks, talked about books, threw in lots of rocks and sticks in the river. It was a relaxing kind of hike.

On the way back, I bribed my kids with food and locked them in the baby carriers. Because while it was fun watching them walk around, we were all getting hungry and needed to head out fast.

Even though this is a gated area, you can just open the gate. Lyndie told us it's BLM land that's free to use.

If you haven't, be sure to check out our tour of the Canyon Country Discovery Center.

Thanks to Lyndie and the Canyon Country Discovery Center for setting up this tour of Monticello for The Salt Project.

Next up, dinner at the Horsehead Grill in Monticello.

Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • Biffy Bathrooms available
  • Easily seen from the road
  • Take some water just in case
  • On the way to The Canyonlands Needles District (we'll be posting about later.)
  • There is a dirt mountain road to make the drive shorter from Monticello, so be sure to check with the locals if the road is open yet.
  • Lots of rock climbing areas
  • Rumors of other petroglyphs not far away and some dino tracks. We didn't have a chance to look for them.

Map to dirt road for Hike.

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