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Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe has been on our Salt Project bucket list forever! Thanks to our sponsor Utah's Trail Country for making it possible! See some of our other favorite Utah hot springs here.

Mystic Hot Springs is a mineral hot springs not a sulfur spring so it doesn't smell!​

The first thing we saw was a whole bunch of old buildings and busses. We walked up to a building and look what we found! Two peacocks! They lovingly decided to pose for us too. 

Apparently, you can camp and stay the night here! There's a bunch of busses and building that you can airbnb. We haven't done it, so tell us if you go! (Just a fair warning, like most hot springs you may or may not see some naked people. I'd suggest going during daylight with kids, or just don't look.)​

We got to Mystic Hot Springs around 9 AM and luckily, not many people were there! Mystic Hot Springs is open 24 hours a day! ​

You can place your belongings here, but obviously you don't want to leave anything valuable laying around.

There’s about 10 different tubs, literally, bath tubs. There’s a larger pool area that’s got a cool mineral arch that feeds into the different tubs. The kids loved playing in this pool the most. 

If you hike up a short path you’ll come up to the tubs of Mystic Hot Springs. There are literally tubs sitting in a row so everyone can enjoy a soak. 

The kids and babies loved trying allllll the tubs.

I feel like the most iconic tub at Mystic Hot Springs is the furthest up with the giant mineral formation. ​

My kids thought it was hilarious that we were all hanging out in the tubs. 

Some of the tubs are cool enough for babies but then there is one tub I wouldn’t let me kids get in.

I love how the water has created beautiful calcium carbonate formations! Apparently, these formations grow quickly and clog the pipes often. But the coloring is beautiful.  

Mystic Hot Springs cleans the pools and tubs multiple times so I feel pretty good about soaking!

This tub is the one I would consider a “lobster pot.”​ I like SUPER hot water (like I expect my skin to be pink) but even I could only handle it for about 5 minutes.​​​​​​

We spent most of our time at the main pool area and the kids couldn't have been happier. 

The pools we about 2 feet high, so most of the kids could swim and wade through the water. 

Look how amazing that arch that calcium arch is! 

Mystic Hot Springs is a wonder in itself. There's plenty of oddities to look at! 

There's a spot that looks like it used to be a pool but has been filled in. That didn't stop the kids from jumping on the diving boards. 

There's random busses, cool vehicles, a gander of geese and some other ponds to check out. 

We loved visiting Mystic Hot Springs and wished we could live closer! 

Be sure to tag us on your Mystic Hot Springs adventures! Don't forget to enter our Staycation Giveaway too! 

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Helpful Tips
  • Bring Water to drink. Soaking in the Springs can dehydrate you quickly. 
  • Swim diapers for babies. 
  • I took a stroller but had to park it half-way because it was a rocky path on the way up. 
  • We took our 1 year old and up. She didn't get in any of the super hot baths. 
  • We stayed 1.5 hours
  • Bathrooms on site


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