Moqui Caves | Kanab, UT

We've got Arika from Zion Adventure Photog once again, showing us these gorgeous photos of Moqui Caverns! Read on to find out more.

As I was browsing through Instagram, the other day I came across a picture of some amazing light filled caves (Moqui Caverns) in Kanab, UT. I live just an hour away from Kanab, and I had never heard of these caves before.....say what!!! I could hardly concentrate on anything else all day; I just wanted to go and see them for myself.

That afternoon I picked the kiddos up from school, talked the hubby into getting off work early, and we drove to Kanab. I couldn't find much information online about the location and the hike because I didn't know what the caves were called (I later discovered they are called Moqui Caverns).

So I was pretty nervous we wouldn't find them, or worse the hike would be too hard with our 8-year-old, 5-year-old, and 2-year-old.

The short hike to the caves was easy and family friendly. Once we crossed the road, we had to look around for a minute to find the trail. It wasn't marked, making it a little hard to find. We headed north making our way towards the mountain with the caves. The north side (closer to Moqui Cave the tourist attraction) was the easiest spot to scale up the rock and make our way over to the caves. We did have to scale up some slick rock for a very short distance, but luckily we all had on shoes with good traction, so it wasn't a problem with a little bit of help.

The trail was located in between Moqui Caves and the Best Friend Animal Sanctuary exit on HWY 89 on the east side of the road. We were able to look up and see the caves from the road, so we parked in a little pull out area on the west side of the road right across from the caves.


At the caves, the kids had such a great time playing in the dirt and exploring all the nooks and crannies. I wished that we had brought a few sand toys with us. We were there at the perfect time of day.

The sun was shining right into the cave, and the light was so beautiful. It's important to note that there are lots of sheer drop-offs so keeping a close eye on the kids is a must. We staying and played at the caves for about 15 or 20 minutes and then headed into Kanab to get dinner. It was the perfect evening activity with the family.

Thanks Arika! Be sure to sign up for her newsletter if you are heading down to Southern Utah!

My name is Arika and I am a local girl with 3 kiddos a camera and a major love for all things outdoors. I am so excited to offer families and couples visiting Zion National Park and Southern Utah a unique way to remember their adventures. I am passionate about capturing those beautiful moments that occur when families explore and enjoy the outdoors. I can't wait to share the beauty and wonder of one of the most stunning parks on the planet with you and your loved ones!


Entrance Fee(s)
The Caves Arika wrote about are free.
Apparently, there is a tourist attraction nearby as well.
Helpful Tips
  • Wear good sturdy shoes.
  • Take food and water just in case.
  • Short hike to caves.
  • Watch kids on sheer drop offs.

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