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My sidekick (son) and I are trying to do as many things in the Salt Lake area as possible. I am prone to cabin fever and I refuse to succumb to it yet again! There are so many things going on and I want to experience all of them. I had never been to the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium before yesterday, and am happy to report some awesome things going on there.

On a regular day the aquarium is open from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. Regular admission is $17.95 per adult, $14.95 from ages 13-17, and a child is $12.95. Any child younger than age two is free.

HOWEVER, every Monday evening is Family Night from 4-8pm! This includes $5 off per ticket, family deals at the café, and the aquarium stays open 2 hours later than normal.

The thing I loved about Family Night is hardly anyone was there. We pretty much had the place to ourselves. My 15-month old was able to run wild and free without being stepped on or bouncing off people into a wall (a common occurrence).

We even were able to experience a 4-D movie without anyone else in the theater! That was a blessing because my boy had never been in a theater and solidified the decision not to bring him into one again any time soon. He loved running around in the dark and screaming at the penguins on the screen.

I was amazed at how interactive the animals were! The penguins are completely adorable, and there is a penguin show at 4:00 where they teach kids cool facts and feed them so they get all riled up. It was so much fun to watch! They swim right up to your face. Penguins are awkward on land, but man they are speedy little buggers in the water!

We had the same experience with the otters, sharks, lizards, sting rays, and some HUGE fish. My cute boy thought he was touching all of these animals (even though it was through glass) because they were so close to him. One of the otters even jumped at him and scared him a bit. It was pretty entertaining.

The penguin feeding was the only show I was able to experience, but there are countless animal encounters and feedings! Check this out! There are piranha feedings, shark feedings, and so much more! I would definitely go back to see these.

I tell you what, we were able to stay there for 3 hours and be completely entertained the entire time. My son was able to stay tuned in to his surroundings the whole time and he even outlasted me! There were many things there for him to climb on and I didn’t have to worry about him finding something to turn into trouble. Everything was perfect for little kids to run around and be free.

A major bonus: He slept so well that night from wearing himself out. Score!

If you haven’t been to the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium yet, I highly suggest going on a Monday evening. I believe it will exceed your expectations as it did mine.

Thanks to Rachel for writing up this awesome tip!


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