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We ran into some pretty incredible locals while visiting Vernal and they were all so kind to share with us some hidden gems and places to visit. One such local mentioned that we stop by his wife's candy shop, shameless plug, but we are so glad he shared. This sweet family-owned shop was the perfect place for our kids to pick out a special treat. We let everyone pick out one item and they were all on cloud nine!

Sucker for baby Wells (19 months)

Riz (8 yrs) really wanted this giant jawbreaker. I talked him down from the ledge and we settled on the next size down. Here I am typing this 4 days later, he's been working on that thing day and night. He even started hitting it with a hammer so he could break it into smaller pieces to finish it faster but to no avail. I'm sure it will be years before he finishes it.

Berdee (4 yrs) had her eyes on the chocolate money the second we walked in the door.

And Aiko (6 yrs) and Orion (4 yrs) picked my favorite childhood treat, rock suckers!

We picked up something sweet for Father's Day too.

So many yummy treats.

Ok, mama's had to get something too.

Someone's excited they had her favorite chocolate.

I think this will be a new tradition to stop and pick out a treat every time we visit Vernal. I'd much rather come home from vacation with our hearts and tummies full rather than adding more "stuff" to our lives.​​​

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