Lava Hot Springs Couples Trip - ROAD TRIPPIN'

Road Trippin' to IDAHO for the weekend! This was the perfect winter vacation.


Our first time to LAVA HOT SPRINGS was awesome! We went on a couples trip with friends. We soaked, earthed, laughed, sang karaoke, played games, explored the charming downtown area, and stayed in the cutest little Air BnB on trout farm with wild turkeys roaming the grounds. It was the perfect weekend!

This is our little airbnb. It was so charming! We had 8 couples, so it was nice to have a place that we could all share with a kitchen and laundry.

Did I mention the turkeys!

It snowed the first night, so our van got stuck. Didn't help that we had 8 people crammed in there. We got it out with a little help from the guys pushing us out.

There were so many random tracks around the property.

This is where the trout farm is.

And this is the basement air bnb we stayed at.

located on this beautiful property.


In the winter the big pool with the slides is closed, but the natural hot springs are open!

I love when it snows at the hot springs.

By the time we left, everything was covered in snow. (My swimsuit can be found here.)

We heard the Blue Moon Bar had the best burgers so we stopped to get some. It was also karaoke night! We had so much fun dancing.

Dan and Robert knocked it out of the park. I on the other hand don't have the guts to sing on stage, but I loved cheering them on from the table.

Another beautiful morning in Lava.

The downtown area was so charming. We stopped in lots of little shops on our way to the springs.

Soaking at the hot springs was awesome! There are several pools and they get progressively hotter. The last pool was super hot, we went in but didn't stay long.

Adventuring with friends is the best. We had so much fun without kids. But our kids would have loved it too, so we will have to bring them again some time.

There is a pizza place in town, the only pizza place in town and above it is a hotel or motel or hostile of some sort. We walked up to explore because it was so cool looking, and I swear to you, I saw/felt a ghost in the first room next to the bathroom. You better believe I hightailed it out of there quick! If you have any info on a haunted hotel, please let us know in the comments. I have heard a lot about the hot springs being haunted, so I'd love to hear any stories y'all have.

Reenacting the ghost scene from the day before.

And home before Monday! I just love weekend getaways. And it's always so nice to have the kids (and pup) miss you. Gimme allllll the hugs!

It's so fun to leave but always so nice to come home.

This was an awesome trip. We loved getting away during the dreary winter. There isn't a lot to do during the winter in Lava, so staying in an air bnb was so fun. We were able to stay together, play games and watch a movie too!

Can't wait to visit in the summer!

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