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Road trippin' !

This year has been quite the contrast from last year. With our 12 staycation project in 2019, plus a girls trip at the beginning of the summer, we had already been on 8 staycations by July, one of which was a 10 day humanitarian trip to Mexico. Fast forward to 2020, we kicked of January with a 10 day road trip up the coast of California. Then quarantine kicked in and all the happenings around the country so we had to cancel our trip to Taiwan in May and weren't planning any trips for the summer. But, July turned out to be quite eventful after all. We snuck in some off the grid road trips to Idaho and Spring City, and then got invited on a last minute trip to Lake Powell with family. 

Here are the highlights!

The views on the way are so beautiful. I LOVE Utah!

Once we loaded our gear to the houseboat, we headed out to find the perfect place to park it for the week.

We found the perfect little cover to call home for the week.

This was the view looking up. It was incredible at night with the stars filling the crescent shape. And we had shade 24hrs a day. Thats a big deal for a ginger in Lake Powell. 

There was a cool cave at the top of the cove where we stayed. This is the view from the top.

Breck trying surfing for the first time!

We hiked to the top of our cove just in time to catch the most amazing sunset! 

Forgotten Canyon - Defiance House, restored ruins and pictographs

I have never been hiking in Lake Powell so this was a really cool experience. We followed the Forgotten canyon until we reached a bunch of trees that were sticking up out of the water. We carefully rode around them and found a place to tie up the boat. Then we hiked for about 30 minutes in the blistering July sun to these beautiful ruins. Luckily they were up on the side of a cliff in the shade with a breeze. The path was very easy to follow but the tumble weeds were overgrown across much of the trail. Fresh tumble weed is very prickly and was a little painful to walk through. Shoes are a must because of this, and the fact that the sandy trail is extremely hot. Once you make it to the cliff, it's straight up a few flights of rock stairs to reach the ruins. There was a half of one house and 3 full houses that you can go inside and explore. There were also pictographs all the cliff walls that you can see from the bottom of the canyon. (Please be respectful and leave it better than you found it).

Back at the Houseboat, Breck mastered diving her first day.

The reflection was so beautiful.

The spiders and bats.. thats the only bad thing about Powell. 


We loved paddle boarding all day every day.

Heading out on the boat to try surfing for the first time. I didn't get up the first run, but I did on the second! And it was awesome! Can't wait to go again.

This was our entire group on the houseboat. We had such a fun time! We played games, hikes, went paddle boarding, explored the caves, ran from bats, had dance parties, played catch of cliffs, went cliff jumping, night swimming, surfing, wake boarding, slept under the stars, and ate THE BEST FOOD!

Dan the man, he doesn't make it on the blog often, but I have to give a shout out to my tech guy aka husband. He runs all Salt Project operations and this blog wouldn't be what it is without all his hard work. 

Teenagers. Seriously my favorite.

The water was so beautiful. Green, blue, or black.

These cute cousins, i'm so glad they got to experience this together. This was all of their first time on a boat. Last time we went to Powell, the ski boat died the first day, so we just hung out on the houseboat.

Beautiful Breck, her first time on a boat.

Back to the slip. This was such an unforgettable experience. If you ever get the chance to go to Lake Powell, jump at it! It's like no place on earth.

Helpful Tips

If you are looking for tips on renting a houseboat, be sure to check out our instagram post. We had some followers leave some great advise.

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