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We love the Kokanee Salmon Runs in Utah! My friend Elle ran up to Strawberry Reservoir (9/22/2019) and wrote up some details for us! Sounds like Strawberry is a super family friendly area to visit the Kokanee Salmon! Be sure to check out our past Salmon Runs here. 

I mentioned to my dad that I wanted to go check out the Kokanee salmon run at Causey. He mentioned how cool they were to see at Strawberry. That you could see them right from the boardwalk, and see the trout running too. 

So last Sunday we made the trek up to Strawberry Resivor to see them. 

As soon you take the turn off for strawberry you’ll see the US Forest Service visitor center on your right. Use that parking lot, they have a cool visitor center and can answer any questions. ​

You can walk down to the river from there and see them. Or you can take the boardwalk around the building and head to the hatchery.​

They have a series of boardwalk that goes all around the tributaries through the marshes. It a really great place to spend the afternoon. ​​​​

So! Who's been to Strawberry?! 

Hours during the run are 8-4:30
Entrance Fee(s)
Parking and entrance are free.
Helpful Tips
  • The details: flush toilets in the visitor center.
  • It’s located 20 miles southeast of Heber on highway 40.
  • Family Friendly. Easy Viewing
  • Salmon runs usually only last 1-3 weeks. 

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