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A few weeks ago I was in Logan with my friend Melinda and we completed what my cousin Kim calls the "Taste of Cache Valley!" The Taste of Cache Valley consists of visiting local Utah outlets that produce goods and foods that are made in Cache Valley, but for a BARGAIN! The Salt Project loves good bargains! Most of these outlet stores sell what are called "seconds." Seconds are just that. They are imperfect products that are still good, but maybe missing a top of the ice cream sandwich or have some slight blemish. I'm not above scavenging for a good deal! So here it is, complete with a map and all the places to get some discount stuff!

I've got some tips that you need to see at the end too! You'll regret not reading the tips! 

1. Casper's Ice Cream aka Fat Boy's Ice Cream | 11805 N 200 E, Richmond, UT 84333

Fat Boy's Ice Cream Sandwiches anyone? Not only is there an actual ice cream shop, but there's also Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwiches for cheap. You can purchase "seconds" here for CHEAP. We've purchased the Fat Boy Ice Cream sandwiches before and sometimes they don't always have both sides of cookies. They also have dairy-free options now (which I was VERY excited about!) See our past article from years ago!

2. Pepperidge Farm Thrift Store | 901 US-91, Richmond, UT 84333

If I know anything about kids, I know that kids love Goldfish! While you don't always know what's going to be on the bargain shelf at Pepperidge Farm Thrift Store, you know it's going to be good! There's always samples and always crackers and cookies! There's even a frozen section. I got this bag of Gluten-Free Toystory Goldfish for like $2.75! Good news, the Gluten-Free taste JUST like the normal ones. I also say smashed boxes of normal goldfish. You just never know what you'll find. 

3. Lower Foods Inc | 700 US-91, Richmond, UT 84333

Lower Foods Inc sells meat for wholesale. Again, you don't always know what meats you are going to find, but you'll find some for an awesome deal. Melinda bought 33 pounds of various meats that were uncured and some were organic. She got pepperoni, ham, turkey and other meats. My cousin often comes here to purchase their sliced "ends" sandwich meats. Sometimes you can get the end meats for buy one get one! We got ours for $1.50 per pound for uncured! Samples for all! 

Where're my Creamies fans?! Creamies for days and days and days! SOOOO CHEAP too! 

You've seen LazyOne, even though you don't realize it. If you've been in ANY National Park, you've seen LazyOne Pjs, socks, and slippers in all the shops. Chances are they are expensive too. But the LazyOne outlet is crazy cheap. You can get kids PJs for $6. They are NICE ones too. They may not always be in season, but hey, they are pajamas. I actually love their socks too. You can get kids socks for a buck and they are thick and warm! Don't worry, there's adult PJs too! There's always a deal, so check out their store! 

6. All About Socks | 2929 Main St, North Logan, UT 84341

All About Socks is just all about socks! There used to be a store here in Ogden and I've purchased my favorite tights from them. The store is filled with random socks and you can even buy a single sock instead of a pair. I got some sweet socks for my husband for $1 a pair. Do you know how all everyone seems to wear crazy socks now? Well, if you want them cheap, head on over to All About Socks! 

7. Gossner Foods | 1051 N 1000 W, Logan, UT 84321

All you dairy fans, here's your new favorite discounted dairy. My family has been coming here for years. We buy squeaky cheese (cheese curds.) Boxed flavored milk (that lasts for a year on the shelf! My husband's favorite is the Cookies and Cream. There's even ice cream. I've not tried it, but I'm sure it's awesome. 

8. Logan Outlet | 50 E 400 N, Logan, UT 84321

The Logan Outlet is a fairly new store. It's discounted/expired/clearance items. Often it's the clearance of Target's Clearance items. You can find clothing, baby stuff, expired packaged foods, and the most random stuff. There are toys too. We actually visit the one in Ogden often, but the one in Logan is much more organized and "nicer."

Last but not least is Cox Honeyland! We've written about Cox Honeyland years ago and it's always fun to stop and visit. Most of the time they have a live beehive inside. If you love all things, honey, be sure to stop by and get some local honey! 

I'd LOVE to see your "Taste of Cache Valley" adventures! Be sure to tag #thesalproject when you go!

What are some of your favorite outlet stores in Utah?!

Store hours vary.
Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • Plan on at least 2 hours or more. We took about 3 and we went at a slower pace. 
  • Bring a large cooler! Per person. You may need to buy dry ice before! They say the ice cream can last about 2 hours before it melts. I totally forgot about bringing a cooler, luckily, I borrowed my cousins. Melinda and I both filled our own large cooler. There's a list of dry ice places below. 
  • Also, did you know that ice actually speeds up the melting process on creamies? So get that dry ice! Thanks, Creamies for letting us know! 

Here's my google list of all the Taste of Cache Valley places.

Here's the map. I'd start with Casper's and then make your way back to Logan. 

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