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This is one hike everyone should/could do in their life at least once.

We've hiked with kids from ages 1-12 on this hike, so we know if can be done for all ages!

The trail starts out long, steep and hot but once you get pass the dirt road and up to the water tower there is more shade cover, you start hiking alongside the creek, and the scenery becomes much more exciting.

Be sure to wear shoes that you can get wet. You can't really avoid it.

My favorite part of the hike is when you enter the canyon, it is seriously one of those moments that really hits you how amazing nature is. No man-made creation will ever rival the creative power of Mother Nature.

As of Spring 2015 there was a log ladder with metal rungs securely fastened in place and a rope anchored alongside the ladder.

Slightly further along the trail you’ll hit what is commonly referred to as ‘The Waterslide.’ This is highlight and pinnacle moment of the hike for young kids. It is basically a small waterfall flowing over smooth, moss covered rocks that creates a natural water slide into a little pool at the bottom. There is something so cool about sliding down a waterfall that you have to do it at least once… bucket list item checked!

There are actually two slides. The one on the right is more like a dunk, we've only seen college kids (like ourselves back in the day) slide in, only to be turned upside down and all around. It's way deeper than you would think. Be careful.

It was seriously FREEZING!

This is a busier hike, but it's always super fun watching others go down the slides.

We sat and played for a while, ate a snack and then headed home for lunch.

It is one of those in-and-out hikes, so you just turn around whenever you decide and head back the way you came. But you may just want to go as far as the waterslide.

I’d say plan 3-5 hours depending on how far you go up and how leisure your pace is.

Entrance Fee(s)
Parking is $10 unless you park down at the church.
Free to hike
Helpful Tips
  • 3.5 miles round trip (or however long you want to go.) Most people go to the Waterslide.
  • There are ‘No Parking’ signs everywhere along the streets in Kanarraville, and, according to some locals we met at the park the night before, they really do patrol it, so heed their advice and either pay $10 to park or we parked at the local church about a half mile away and walked through town to the trailhead.
  • Take shoes that you can wear and get wet. You'll be going in and out of the water constantly.
  • Dogs are not allowed.
  • Take water and snacks
  • Plan on getting wet

Follow 100 North as it winds east, becomes 250 North and enters the mouth of the canyon.

Sherri Thu, 10/13/2016 - 07:05

We want to do this hike over UEA next weekend but wondering if here will be water this late in the year?

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