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Johnson’s Canyon Hike is only open from September 15-March 14th. Since we happened to be in Snow Canyon in November, I knew we had to do this hike. And because I have super awesome listening skills (severe sarcasm here) I thought this whole time I was going to take my kids to a cave. Boy, I was very wrong. Johnson Canyon leads to a beautiful canyon and an arch, so not a cave. HAHA.

The hike started like any hike, except this time my daughter informed us that she needed to go to the bathroom, after we had just stopped at the bathrooms and no one needed to go five minutes ago.

After we got her taken care of we started our walk only to find that our other child had an accident. So, this hike will be forever and ever known as the hike of “poop” with our kids.

Luckily, the beauty quickly helped us forget any issues along the way. 

This hike was absolutely beautiful. The first ¾ of the hike was realitivly easy and lovely. 

Aiko would just randomly stop and pose on the rocks. Apparnetly, this is a good place for a drama queen. 

The trail is well marked and has some dry river beds and lava rocks everywhere. Once you start getting into the canyon you’ll see a lot more foliage, like cottonwood trees and even a red rock arch that I wasn’t expecting (come to find out it’s in the description.)

The end of the hike leads to a sheltered canyon, that kind of reminds me of Calf Creek Falls, but on a much smaller scale. It truly is beautiful.

This is where I finally realized that there would be no cave and that my listening skills are pretty bad. My sister, who, did actually read the description informed me there was no cave. 

So I was slightly tainted with disappointment, but quickly changed my attitude because of the beauty. There was even a large pond of sorts and you could easily see why this area wasn’t open much in the rainy season. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in the canyon with no way out.

Tiny Vesper couldn't help but crawl around the soft sand. 

These next photos were taken by my 4 year old and I kind of love them.  

It was an easy hike, the last little bit was more ups and down and walking over a few boulders, but nothing too crazy our four year old and sixty something mom couldn’t handle.

As we started our hike back out, it was golden hour and the sun was just showing off all the foliage and red rocks. 

Our 4 year old started having a melt down at this point and really there is nothing you can do but drag them along with you. 

Eventually, he realized he wasn't going to be carried and that he really was going to have to walk the whole way. 

I can't believe how red these rocks were. 

If you have a chance to hike Johnson's Canyon, be sure to do it! There's only a few months in the year that it's open. 

Be sure to #TheSaltProject, we'd love to see your photos! 

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Entrance Fee(s)
Snow Canyon State Park Fees
Helpful Tips
  • No bathrooms at the trail head. This trail is actually outside of Snow Canyon State Park, but all the rules still apply. 
  • Only open September 15-March 14th. 
  • Pack it in and out. 
  • Dogs not allowed.
  • 2 Miles Easy. 
  • Does have some rocky spots of lava rocks. Wear appropriate shoes and they could easily cut your feet open. 
  • You are in full sun most of the time, so sunscreen. 
  • Bring Water.
  • It's not actually in Snow Canyon State Park, there is a parking lot across the street from the trail. 
  • Check out some of the other hikes we've done in Snow Canyon State Park here.

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