Indian Princess Burial Hike | 12 Utah Staycations

When we partnered up with Play in Davis, I'll admit, we were a little worried, worried we couldn't do Davis County the justice it deserved! There are so many epic things to do in Davis County and because we live here, we think we've done it all. Wrong. While we have done LOTS of things in Davis County, we've never hiked the Indian Princess Grave before! (thanks to John from Love Letters for sharing this gem with us.)

We headed back to a familiar spot for the trailhead of the Indian Princess Grave, the Farmington Pond Parking Lot. We literally just drove by this the day before on our way to Francis Peak. (Also equally epic.)

While the trail is well maintained but not really well marked, so we used the map below. 

We hadn't hiked very long when Stephanie turns around and say "Is that Bigfoot?" 

I thought she was just teasing. But HE WAS THERE FOR REALS! It was slightly freaky seeing a giant creature from far off and not knowing what it was. 

As we got closer we realized YES, it was bigfoot, but statue form. 

Be sure to #FarmingtonBigfoot & #TheSaltProject on you hike when you find bigfoot! 

We continued one the hike. 

The views are pretty amazing from the mountain. It all looked pretty green for being July. 

Somehow, we managed to hike on the day that it was overcast ANNNND raining on a summer July day. It was amazing. I'd imagine this hike would be super hot and full sun. 

This 1.75-mile round trip hike is fairly easy. There are mainly switchbacks and Stephanie's family fared just fine. 

Mine, on the other hand, turned around, well, half of them. Orion just wasn't into the hiking that day, so he turned around with my husband. Aiko and I did eventually make it all the to the Indian Princess Grave. 

While there isn't a whole lot to this hike, it was a special reminder to remember those who were truly here before everyone else! I mean, I don't usually match up Native American History with Farmington but I really should. 

Aiko, going back to the Britney Spears look. But really, it's because she's filled her pockets with SOOO many rocks. 

The way back was pretty uneventful, other than the girls really wanted to get all the rocks. 

If you have time, stop at the Farmington Pond or even go for a walk on the Farmington Trail! It's a beautiful, shady trail and our favorite tree is there too! 

Be sure to enter our Davis Family Staycation if you haven't already!

Thanks to Davis County for sponsoring this Staycation! 

The Salt Project
This post is sponsored, but The Salt Project's opinions are 100% our own.
Helpful Tips
  • Full Sun Take Sunscreen
  • Trail is maintained but not always clearly marked. Use the map we found from Trek Planner below. 
  • Bring Plenty of Water.
  • 1.75 Miles Round-Trip
  • Pack it in, Pack it Out.
  • Be respectful of the gravesite.
  • Our youngest hike was four on this hike. She did the whole thing herself. 


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