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We've been LOTR people for a long time. Recently, my sister has been teaching my kids about Gandalf, his fireworks, Smaug the Dragon, Hobbits and Hobbit Holes. In that exact order.

We were heading up to Bear Lake for a family reunion and my sister was telling us about the Hobbit Caves in Logan. As we were packing up to go, I told the kids about the Hobbit Caves. They got SUPER Excited!

We loaded everyone into the car and dropped our dog off at Furry Friends in Wellsville. It's a dog kennel that's only 10$ a day!

The Hobbit Caves are a short walk from the road up Logan Canyon. There's actually a dirt road (not really driveable without 4x4.) there used to be a bridge, but apparently, it's been taken down.

This the view of where the trail starts. It's actually a semi kind of road.

The road takes you right by the river, where we crossed. Just down the road is the remnants of the bridge.

We all had water shoes on, so we just walked across. You can try and cross at other points so you don't have to get your shoes wet.

It was very green, shady and soooo pretty. I was surprised to find it so lush.

Aiko is easily distracted by wildflowers lately. If you'll recall from our last hike.

There's a very LOTRish place to take a quick family shot.

This area is also popular for rock climbing and camping.

A short walk later we were upon the Hobbit Caves.

There was a slightly steep short hill down by the caves.

You can see down from the top into the caves.

The caves are really only big enough for kids. I mean, I could have tried to squeeze in them, but it would have been tight and much too dirty. ;)

The kids loved exploring. They were disappointed to find out the Hobbits were not home.

My sister said this area fills up quickly with campers, so if you ever want to go, make sure to head there early!

Right off of the caves is the awesome waterfall.

We spent maybe 30 minutes total, hiking and cave dwelling. We could have spent more time and had a picnic, but we had to hit the road.

If you are going, because to #thesaltproject! We want to see your adventures!

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Drive up to Right Fork Logan Canyon.

The pull-out we took was about a 1/4 mile in. We even parked 3 vehicles, 2 of which that were towing 4-wheelers with long trailers. So it's a good size. We headed back the way we drove in until there was another road. (Photo above.) You'll come quickly to the river. This is where we crossed.

I found this map from this website. We parked by the oragne square and then we walked across the river and there was a trail right there.

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