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Mossy Cave is the last hike we took the kids on before heading out. Mossy Cave is more of a Nature Trail. See our other two here and here. I've heard about this hike for a few years from my father in law, but it always seemed out of the way. Past Bryce Canyon posts here.

The scenery is breathtaking. I love how the white rocks can be seen here too.

It's only .9 miles roundtrip so this is an easy one for the whole family.

Mossy Cave Trail is actually OUTSIDE of Bryce Canyon National Park, but they've included it.

Most of the trail is flat and wide.

The trail splits at some signs. You can see a waterfall (which there wasn't one when we visited in the photo above) or you can visit the actual Mossy Cave.

The only part of the trail that wasn't flat was the last bit to the actual Mossy Cave. It was an extremely short, steep walk to the caves.

But it wasn't really that impressive this time of the year. There was some ice, but no moss since there wasn't any water found.

As always, we've got to stop and smell the ponderosa trees.

If you need a short hike, you can always hit up Mossy Cave before you enter Bryce National Park and this hike is free!

Helpful Tips

Very Nice Biffy Bathrooms at the beginning.

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